"Your music library is empty"; music only in "Browse by Folder"

I have an issue with adding my library. After scanning, my music files are visible only in “Browse by Folder” section.

Other views like “Album”, “Artist”, “Composer”,… are empty - there is displayed only “Your music library is empty”.

Do you know what’s wrong? Of course my music is tagged.

Go music library setting and use Refresh Cache

No result :confused: Only a popup window appears for a second and then empty playlist is displayed back.

Let me refresh this topic.

After many trials, tests, changing routers, I still have this issue which was that my music files are visible only in “Browse by Folder” section.

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

How did you organize it ?
1 folder per album ?
Just the album name or also group name - album name ?

This library is stored on WD MyCloud Home and this is iTunes library. So iTunes on my computer is managing folders (Option “Keep iTunes Media folder organized”).

Sorry, can’t help then… I don’t use iTunes…

That’s mostly due to poor connection between computer and the ARIES so when when library try to refresh, the connection drop from time to time. That’s why a NAS is suggested or simply plug the USB drive on the back of ARIES.

If it’s an library managed by iTunes, i’m pretty sure that your tags are not OK, this is why you can see it in the browser mode, because it’s using the file name …

Try to use a tag editor or some of the albums and put them in a another directory and scan your library. There will appears in your library ui.

On Mac you can use YATE for eg.
On windows tagscanner mp3tag etc …

Thanks deush for advice, I need to try YATE.

I have solved the problem, and the problem was with too many tracks in album. It appears that LDS or Lighting Server has some issues with albums containing very big number of tracks. The solution was to split albums to smaller ones.

I suggest to close this topic.

Hi, how many tracks do you have in one single album? I think we tried 999 in the past and this is what actually works for the maximum.

I had 2024 track in a single album and split into 1000 + 1024 and now playlist scanning works fine. However changing tracks is very slow, I mean playback starts in about 5 sec and I need to wait another 15-20sec more to have title and artist displayed in LDS. Further, I have split this album into 3 smaller, ~675 track each, but it doesn’t help much.

I am using such big albums as a playlists or “folders” to keep bunch of tracks not assigned to any album in one place.

It will be very slow because LDS will need to load the entire album into device queue, if you have 999 tracks then it need to load 999, that will take about 40 to 50 seconds.

Maybe it’s not the good way to go ? Can you treat those tracks like EP or singles ?
It will speed up the things !

This is actually the best way to do. The device will load first track then start to play immediately then load the rest of them. There is no delay in starting playback, only load the track.