XLR output is " playing" quieter


I have Vega G1 and connect it to Mc Ma8000 by RCA output. When I change for XLR output the music is playing quieter. I have checked and pins in Mcintosh and Vega G1 are the same ( 1 - ground, 2 - hot, 3 cold ) unless I have wrong information.
Usualy when you play by XLR it is louder then by RCA…what can be wrong ?

I’d check with Macintosh. They specify different sensitivities for balanced and unbalanced inputs, and seems the balanced output is variable. Or read your amp manual. :smile:.

On newer Mc’s the sensitivity, trim, etc. can be adjusted. Just follow instructions in the manual.

Hi Arturo,

Thanks for your suggestion. Most probably you are right. MA8000 allows the adjustment of levels for each of the source inputs…

Hello Jan,

Thank you. Did not expect that difference will be so big…