Will Aries G2 HDMI connection work with PS Audio I2S?

I’ve got a PS Audio Directstream Dac, and, I’m replacing the Bridge2 with a Aries G2 streamer next week. Wondering if I2s is compatible with Auralic lightning connection? If not, what is the next best connection? Thanks for your input.

I ran that exact combination for 3 months. You will find the Aries G2 to be a substantial improvement over the Bridge II. The HDMI connections on the G2/GX components are exclusive to Lightning Link.
I first tried the AES/EBU connection with a super high end cable and found USB to the DSD to be superior even with the inexpensive USB cable supplied with the Aries G2. I had even better results with a Curious USB cable. I found I got the best sound over Airplay wireless. Enjoy!

daeOne, thanks for the response! I have a Wireworld platinum starlight USB ready to go. A bit disappointing the HDMI won’t work.
Also awesome to hear you considered the G2 to be an upgrade.

The best connection depends of the DAC too. Some of them are better in AES vs USB and for others it’s the opposite. It’s the combination of streamer output and DAC input that matters :slight_smile:

The best thing is to try to find the best combo !

Ligthning link is a proprietary one, and bi-directionnal unlike I2S (if i’m correct for I2S).

Thanks deuch

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