Wifi Performance - Aries Mini


this is just because I’m very curious, it is not a problem or an issue:

I have a very stable and strong WiFi net at home (Fritzbox 7590).
The router is located in the center of my apartment, only separated by one wall from my Aries Mini.
The latter is located near to my TV, AppleTV and Stereo…
I’m running 5Ghz WiFi for Aries Mini and TV, and 2,4 Ghz for all other.
The point is: The TV has a WiFi send/receiving rate of always more than 300 / 300 Mbit/s
Apple TV is always near its maximum of 65 / 65, other devices are always far beyond 100 / 100.
My Aries Mini mostly has a 312 / 6 Mbit/s (yeah, six only !).
As I said before, no problem because music plays continuously and stable,
but how come I have a receiving rate of 6 only ?
And the 6 changes rarely so that I think sometimes, that Aries does something which I do not know or see ? Any ideas ?



I believe 5Ghz Wi-Fi is less good at penetrating walls than 2.4Ghz. Have you tested the Mini on 2.4?


Our German distributor AudioNEXT has lots of experience with Fritzbox issue, I suggest to call or email them.


meanwhile I found out that 6 Mbit is enough for CD quality.
When I stream HiRes, the Mini pushes up to 250-300 Mbit.
That’s fine with me…