Wifi or Ethernet

In the audio Hifi world the most common opinion is that ethernet connection always is better than connection by Wifi. There reason is said to be that the Wifi antenna add noise to the streamer/DAC.
I would like to hear what opinion Auralic has about this in connection to your products?
I have a very stabel Mesh Tp-Link network with around 200Mb connection and I am useing the Altair.

Do you trust a technical opinion over your ears? What say you when you try both options?


I cant hear the difference but I am not trained to spot out differences in a A-B test. So I whant to hear what Auralic says whats their recommendations.

It has been stated elsewhere also. I don’t have any issues with wireless connection of my Aries and i cannot distinguish any differences when compared to a wired connection. I can’t see a reason it would be different with an Altair.
Besides, the level of galvanic isolation with WiFi is higher than with ethernet.

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This question is asked and answered many times on this forum.

Haha, that‘s true. Ask three guys and you‘ll get four answers. Obviously there are no notable differences between those two connections - unless one of them is invaded by parasitic signals. I’ll stick to my Fritz! Mesh.


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@Xuanqian has stated many times that He favors WiFi. It really boils down to your ears and also your WiFi connection.

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My first connection was Ethernet, but when I try wifi , for me the connection was better and the sound also. Now I listen with Wifi

I agree. Trust your ears. I’ve found roon to be smoother then LDS and therefore prefer the SQ from roon.
I dare say others will have different opinions.
Hope this helps. Trust your ears

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The reason I prefer Ethernet is that I can insert an audio switch into my chain (just before my G2). I employ an Uptone EtherRegen, and, oh boy, what a difference it makes.

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Hello m50ndh,

Pardon my ignorance here, but I thought LDS was the management and configuration interface for the Aries and the stream was directly from the source, for me that would be Tidal or just a USB stick on the back of the Aries.

I do not use Roon, now you have me thinking I should?



You‘re right, Roon alters the sound of music, LDS doesn‘t. Personally, I don‘t like Roon, but it‘s obviously a matter of taste. Trust your taste :wink:

Hi Tim
Ive been using Roon for the past few weeks. Yes it does sound better .imo. as its bit perfect and streams to the G1 directly without any lags. But its hard work to get used to . With LDS you simply find the track you want to play by folder search. But not so much for roon. You find your musuc by searching for the track. In its simplest firm
Need to have the correct spelling. But its good fun to play around with.

Roon does offer bit perfect playback without any alteration. If you choose to mess with the file upsampling then that is up to you. There are some benefits to using Roon. The software controller interface is much more enjoyable than LDS. The multi room zones is another big plus to allow you to mix and match other brand equipment. The DSP with EQ is so much easier to use than LDS plus you can save different custom presets. I go back and forth with Roon and LDS without any upsampling and I honestly don’t hear a difference. LDS big advantage is it’s free.

Hi. LDS is free. And great. Roon is fun to use it really gets you into looking at your music in a different light. And you’ll discover loads more on the fly.
The only issue is that you can’t do a directory search so cannot specifically play a track that you know the location of ,on your computer or nas drive. Thats Roons labs ideology.
I have roon setup on windows 10 so to get round that I use Linn Kazoo which picks up the G1 seamlessly and using the lightning server can do directory search to find my tracks. Both Roon and Kazoo can work together in harmony.
Roon works out to around 7 quid a month. I can live with that. Linn Kazoo is free.
Ideally I would have liked to have Jriver work with the G1. But no hope of that. (It works with blutooth but your sacrificing SQ)
Cheers again

Thanks for the input and response, gives me some new things to think about. Always learning from you all.


Roon can locate your local files. I have mine bookmarked for easy selection. You need to use the focus button and deselect Tidal and all that is left is your own music files. They are also sorted by albums just like LDS

Thanks a millipn. Will try that.

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I’m puzzled. Isn’t this exactly what LDS does? If so, there should be no difference in sound at all (I beg your pardon that I’m not very familiar with Roon because I got rid of it after a short test period which couldn’t convince me).


Hi Robin

I think there is slight lag in the information sent to the streamer using LDS. Where in roon it is direct to the end point. Similar to a radio. This is what i had researched.

The main reason im sticking to roon is, for me, the SQ, is noticeably better then LDS and also Im discovering new music on the fly.

I was very happy usung LDS . But now it would be difficult to go back to. But again its all down to personal prefference and how we perceive what music should sound like.