Why does Aries crash while playing an album?

I’m using my Aries for a few years now. Since short, it crashes either during playing an album, or when it’s idle.
I only connect to a streaming server running on my NAS where my music is stored. It worked years long without trouble, now it crashes regularly: what happened?

Please don’t tell me it’s the fault of the streaming server: I have another streaming client running which doesn’t have an issue at all.

What’s the temperature at the center of the Auralic sign on the top of the Aries? If it is over 40°C you may have the problem described here ARIES Femto reliability problems (Solved!).

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late response.
I just checked the temperature (Aries is currently in stand-by mode): it’s warm but not hot (maybe around 30 °C).

I just went through your post with the replacement of the wifi card. Nice job indeed!
It looks like the 8260 card isn’t available in Switzerland (Amazon doesn’t deliver it to Switzerland and the biggest local computer supplier digitec.ch doesn’t list it), but a 9260NGW card is available. I just asked the supplier about compatibility. It might be a solution if these are compatible.
Thanks again.

You can buy either 7260NGW, 7265NGW, 8260NGW or 18260NGW. We dont have driver for 9260NW inside any of our devices. I am pretty sure you can go and get one of these on Amazon or eBay.

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Thank you Xuanqian, I ordered a 8260NGW via AliExpress. Ebay and Amazon seller don’t deliver to Switzerland (for whatever reason).

Hopefully it‘s not racism :rofl:


I think it’s even worse: lazyness!
No, in fact, many company forbid “grey” imports to Switzerland because they want to enforce higher prices (many goods are 50-100% more expensive than in EU).
Parliament is currently discussing a law to ban this practice.

another reason might be the high costs of shipment. I seem to remember that some years back I had to send a small parcel from Germany to a destination in Switzerland. It cost me more than 35€ (same price as a parcel to Siberia). I‘d rather delivered it personally, always a pleasure to come to the Confederation :blush:.
BTW, I wish you luck with your WiFi issue!


I know the shipment costs to Switzerland are high, but usually, you have to pay it as buyer, so it’s not a reason not to send it.
However, I ordered it in China now and wait until it arrives.

I don’t have a wifi issue: my Aries Femto is connected to the network via cable. It’s the device itself that hangs from time to time. Only a cold restart is then helping (if the boot process doesn’t hang itself, which seem to be a known problem as well, and probably has the same root cause: the wifi card).