Who did compare a G1 to G2? Aries

Iam the happy ownwer of G1. Good sound quality. Much beter as old Femto.

Who compared actually the G1 with G2 , directly ??? Is it worth 2* the money???

THX… you reaction


Aries or Vega ? I assume Aries ?

I corrected subject . …

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I mean A B listening comparison …

Sorry for the late post, but finally have some time off to catch up on the threads…

I first owned the Aries G1 and later upgraded to the G2 after purchasing a Vega G2. I was using a Transparent Reference USB for the Aries G1 output. After upgrading to the Aries G2 and still using the Transparent Reference USB, I noticed a slight improvement in SQ: mostly in overall noise reduction and improved detail.

I later swapped the USB Connection to several HDMI Cables and the Lightning Link. I played around with several HDMI Cables and ultimately bit the bullet and settled (as recommended by Auralic) on the Audioquest Diamond HDMI for the Aries G2 > Vega G2 connection. This was by far the best sound. Every aspect of the music improved with this connection method.

In short, the Aries G2 is slightly improved over the Aries G1. IMHO the Aries G1 offers greater value as a stand alone player; but its expanded capability to use the Lightning Link connection if you are using the Vega G2 is what sets it apart.

Hope this helps!

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