Which Radio Stations do you have Bookmarked

There are discussions that allow forum members to share what albums they find interesting or are currently playing, but haven’t seen similar for Radio Stations, so which ones do you have saved under My Favourites and My Stations in LDS.

To start these are mine.

HiFine http://mscp2.live-streams.nl:8100/flac.flac
Mellow Mix http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flac) (http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flac

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Only had two radios listed, will try some of them you have selected

I’ve just added HiFine to my “My Stations”, thanks.

No problem, but to be honest I expected a few more replies than current, may be Radio just isn’t a popular section anymore!

Strange really, because I’ve found it well implemented within LDS, just thought it would be more widely used/taken advantage, considering it’s basically free.

I suppose it could be a habit with me though, always liked my fm tuner so it’s just a modern version of that with more variety, and with the flac streams it can sound really good too.

I’ve been a big fan of folkalley.com for quite a few years. I listen to Folk Alley very often when I just want background music when I am working or when I am driving. Folk Alley is a genre busting station that plays more than just Folk Music. They play acoustic instrumental music (such as Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer, Leo Kotke), Irish Music, old acoustic rock music, alt country music, modern singer/songwriters and more other genres than I can mention. Folk Alley plays music that you just can’t find on other radio stations. I’ve discovered lots of new music and new artists (both current and old) through Folk Alley. I often discover a new artist on Folk Alley and then do deep dives on these artists by listening to their albums on Tidal.

Folk Alley is a public radio station and they depend upon donations to stay on the air. I am a Folk Alley member (I donate money every year) and I listen to their basic stream on my Aries Mini as well as on the Folk Alley app on my iPhone when I am out of the house. Since I am a Folk Alley member, they provided me with a URL that I can use that does not have the pleas for donations.

The URL for the basic Folk Alley stream is: Folk Alley

Folk Alley has other content including live video’s and audio streams available through their apps or web site. If you like acoustic music, it is well worth checking out.

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