Which filter settings do you prefer?


Just out of curiosity?


Currently using Dynamic. Not sure I notice much of a difference between them so maybe I really do have cloth ears!

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“Precise” as I mainly listens to Classical…


“None” and agree difficult to hear much difference but this suits my ears at the moment!


Precise. I started with smooth, but moved to dynamic then precise as my system has improved.


I suppose the product in question is the Vega(Gx)?


Why ?
Those settings are also available on others…
On my Mini I prefer “smooth”, I listen mainly heavy rock and metal, and this gave me a better sound stage.


i set it on « smooth » because usually on most dacs such setting sounds better.


I’ve been testing various settings. When I considered my system to be overly analytical, I preferred smooth and dynamic. Now that I have my system sounding warm and bassy, I prefer precise.


Totally agree”smooth give me better sound stage”:ear:


I have it set to Balance. I listen to quite all genre of music with a preference for Jazz.