What power cords do like which are you using!

I have an Aries G1. Currently using an Audioquest NRG4., I’m getting an Audience AU 24 Sei MP noticeably better, anyone else.Have experience?

I have an Aries G1 and use the original power cord that came with the device. Sounds terrific. Tried a TMR NK2 (expensive, thick, rigid, ugly), couldn‘t notice any difference in SQ, so I got rid of it and returned to No. 1.


I’m using a DIY cable with DHlabs cable and Iego plugs. Just for the look, not the « sound ».
Didn’t notice a difference with some basic oelflex (2.5mm2).

A good shielded wire and shield only connected to the earth of the plug of the wall can be a good start.

If you want to compare, do it in a blind way with someone changing (or not) the cable without knowing which one your are listening.

Results may vary and depend of the other cable and devices close to this power cable.

Cardas Clear

with Aries G2 I liked very much Audioquest nrg4, at my system it sounded much better than the factory one, but finally I took Audioquest Blizzard which gave me smoother and a little bit darker sound I like.

I’m using the Audioquest Monsoon with the Aries G1 and the combo Aries G2 with Vega G2. All connected to a Audioquest Niagara 1200. Very clear and detailed sound. Very happy with it.

I am using a Nordost Red Dawn power cord with my Vega, and Nordost Blue Heaven for my Aries - make a significant difference - I would not be without them. I previously had Pangea cords, which were an improvement on the stock cords, but the Nordosts are a class above.

Of course a higher quality power cord is always going to be better. Overlooked many times is having a dedicated 20amp line running to your gear. If that’s not in place…make it a plan.

For your attention. The Aries G2 manual reads:

The power consumption of ARIES G2 is less than 50W with internal storage and USB storage attached. A heavy gauge power cord is not recommended as the weight of the power cord connector may damage the power cord socket on the back of the unit.

A possible warranty claim might be affected.


these thick heavy ,high csa cables are nonsense . although screening may be useful .for low current devices 1.5 or 2.5 mm2 cable is sufficient you can buy sceened mains cables and make them your self .

I bought an Audience AU24 Sei MP , MP is for Medium powered units 50-150 watts. They also make a Low Power and a High Power.

On my sytem I have Zavfino Majestic for amp (Hi-Fi and H-C) and Fina for sources (CD and Mini alim).
Very good value for the money (PC-OCC copper).

I started by adding the Audience AU24 SE MP which is a huge improvement and I think a great value especially when found used. I’ve since upgraded most of my system to Kubala Sosna Elation crazy money but the system responded like buying better components bass depth clarity, through out the range really.

Shunyata Alpha HC on my Auralic G2/GX gear. Major step up in SQ.

Power cords and power rail with noise reduction has enormous impact on sound quality. It’s not about power consumption. It’s all about noise reduction from your house current and noise reduction between your hifi systems elements. I have tested many power cords and ended up using NordOst Red Dorn form AC outlet in the wall to power rail with noise reduction and coils from here I use Ansuz X-power cables to all elements in my system. Honestly you have not heard half the potential of your system without adding proper power cords and rails to your system!
Mind you my setup for power is actually in the “cheap” end!

Enormous as changing amp or speakers ? :grinning:

Hi deuch
Yes - I am also giving component status to a power cable today. Within two years I was able to compare around 20 different power cables and ultimately the Furutech Nanoflux NCF was able to find a permanent place on the Aries G2 and my Telemann DAC.

I see (hear) today that power cables can release additional performance, but can also reduce it. For example, the version Furutech Nanoflux NCF(f.e. 5k€) and other power cables on my tube power amplifiers could not achieve an advantage, so that the series cables (€ 15 each) achieved the most excellent result.

I mean, it makes sense to compare multiple power cables.

best regards from Rainer

Yes, absolutely enormous, I would not hesitate to compare this with changing amp or speakers. Nordost, Chord, Audioquest, Cardas and Ansuz + many more makes a big difference. I have tested all the mentioned and I agree with Rainer that not always the most expensive is the best. You need to test with your system and balance especially which cable you use from AC outlet to power rail and what you use from power rail to all your system units. Anyway of all I have tested I found Ansuz to be a lot better than every other of the above mentioned brands. They use a coil technology that eliminates noise and ensure extremely low inductance. The result of using decent power cables and rail is higher dynamic range, less distortion, better imaging and most importantly much more music expression and much better staging.

Btw I’m using Ansuz A2 digital cable from my Aries Mini to my LA Audio DAC (tube line stage! and Burr-Brown chipset). This cable alone change the sound quality from best of price level for Aries Mini to 97% (a very subjective opinion off course) of the Aries G2!!! OK this cable is 1.400 euro but worth every euro in my ears.

Ok, so a power cable more expensive that the audio gear itself (5K€ for the cable and 4.3K€ for the Aries G2). OK (saitama face).

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