What in the holy fuck

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Only 2 power recycles? I didn’t start cursing until the 7th.

I’m not 100% but you may have to tell LDS/Aries where your Library is located, is the drive external or is it internal, this may help.


Even if the drive is internal I don’t believe you will need to “Initialise” the Drive again, you just have to set the “path” (or whatever it’s called), at least I believe I saw something to that fact in a post from Xuanqian awhile back.

As I’ve said in my response to your other post, only been doing this a short time so forgive any slight errors (I’m just trying to offer up some ideas), and I can concur it’s not that easy first time out, so as much info as you can give should help others when trying to respond.

I had a very similar issue with my original Aries, it became more and more unstable plus the sound quality became quite poor. Originally I noticed a huge difference between the Aries and my Mac book pro, but when I plugged the Mac book back in it actually sounded better.

I’m afraid I had to send mine back via local dealer, have no idea what they done but it came back a few weeks later, stable operations and sound was back to what it should be. I’m sure it was simply a software issue but it was frustrating that I could not sort it. I tried several hard resets but no joy. I am wondering wether the firmware can get into a bit of a tiz and needs some sort of intervention the user cannot perform?

I seem to remember that my issues started after I signed up to beta testing.

Could this help, talks about resetting via the “Reset” button under the device.