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Hi how do we can use Roon on Auralic mini? Shall i request for beta version firmware or is it already available?

Yes, it still request beta firmware support.

Hi everybody here
Greetings from vienna!
I just got an aries mini, installed a ssd drive
I am deeply impressed by the performance of your server!
I am listening via a lehmann linear D and Sennheiser HD800 and AKG K812.
Music sounds perfect for me!
Now i will investigate if i should use the DAC in the Aries or the built in in the Lehmann
What does the community think ? - would be nice to hear

Just got an Altair and really impressed with it. Paired with Unison Unico and KEF LS50. Not sure how I could ever go back to a non-streaming DAC.

I guess I’ll revive this topic a bit with my introduction. After longing for the original Aries/Vega combo - but finding it out of my budget at the time - I finally joined the Auralic family with the Vega G2. I only had time to listen to maybe 30 minutes but the early returns are extremely gratifying. Definitely a big step up from my previous digital hardware…

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Hello Auralic listeners,

Next week I will get my AURALIC ARIES G1
It will be paired with my other HIFI equipements

Loudspeakers : FISCHER&FISCHER SN70

I hope the music will sound great :heart_eyes:

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Hello All,

new Aries Mini user here. I like it very much, it feeds into a Devialet Expert 120, connected to ATC SCM 19 speakers.

For quite a while, I was using a Roon Nucleus, but in the end, I found the sound to be flat and uninvolving. So I re-connected the Aries Mini that I bought more than a year ago and I was surprised how much better I liked the sound of the Mini than the Nucleus. Also the Lightning DS app worked like a charm. All in all, a VERY positive experience!

I am inclined to step higher in the Aries equipment ladder and go for the new Aries G1. So, if there’s experience with the G1 around, I am very much interested in hearing from you people.

Best regards and a happy Easter holiday!


Hello everyone just ordered a Aries G1, looking forward to its arrival and hoping that it lives up to expectations since it was kind of pricey, but I feel that AURALiC is a good company and it cares about its customers.

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Welcome to the community,
I also am a happy owner of an ARIES G1. I use it nearly every day streaming Qobuz and music from my NAS.
Before the unit arrives to your home you can prepare its arrival with installing LDS and create your music library if you own a NAS. Doing this is usefull because you will get familiar with the application.
If you need any help do not hesitate to ask, many members of the forum will be pleased to help.
Be happy with your new ARIES G1 and enjoy the music.

Hi Woody, I downloaded LDS to be ready, I don’t have NAS however it’s in my plans for the future since I have many CDs. I anxiously await the arrival of the G1. Thank you.