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thanks, I am really convinced of the high quality of your products.
I allways spend a lot of time (and a little money) for listening to high quality music.
Actually the Aries mini is connected to a headphone amplifier and headphones from
Beyerdynamic - the best combination I ever had.
all the best


Hi hasuboho, and welcome! Thank you so much for the kind words about our products. The ARIES MINI was my first one, and I still love it. With your headphone amp and Beyerdynamics it sounds like you’ve got a solid and simple setup for great-sounding music. Wonderful!


Hello I am pleased to add me at this forum. I Have a Altair Auralic. My crown jewell.:+1:t2:


hello, i am Cris and I own an Altair, and I’ happy to be part of this community


Hi, I’m Simon, from Manchester in the U.K. I use not only Aries/Vega/Taurus with LCD3 Headphones, but also have them connected to my valve based system, for the fuller experience. IMO Auralic is the only digital source that I’ve tried, that fits well sonically, with a valve system. Best tweak for me is the Intona high speed USB enhancer, excellent between Aries and Vega. A real improvement for the USB connection. No I’m not affiliated with them lol


Welcome corbelli & cris! Glad to hear those ALTAIRs are treating you guys well in the wild… Thanks for participating in the Community!


Hi SimonB – thanks for sharing your USB tip!


Just signed up to the community having grabbed an Aries Mini earlier this year. I’m really happy with it. Basically I wanted to make the move away from rifling through drawers/shelves or CDs. A Mini with a 1TB SSD installed was exactly the solution I needed (as well as rips of my CDs I’ve started to accumulate a bunch of other hi-res and 16/44 FLAC downloads). Lightning DS is smooth and intuitive. Overall it’s a great bit of kit and it’s changed my listening habits as well. Albums I might not have actively hunted down from my shelves in CD form I just flick on at a whim and appreciate all over again. Overall, I reckon the Mini is a great bit of kit. My next upgrade my have to be addition of a linear power supply.

As a Mac user two tools that I find really handy and would recommend to others are XLD for ripping and Kid3 for amending tags (I’ve used Kid3 a lot to add “album artist” tags for compilation albums (all now tagged “Various” and soundtracks tagged “Soundtrack”).


Hi all from Scotland. Love my Aries Mini with Linear power supply. Sound quality is fantastic. Changed my listening habits forever. LDS is super easy to use. I now listen to songs, albums that I used to forget I had. They are now all there on my Ipad screen, brilliant.


Hi ScottMcD. It wasn’t that long ago that I too was just discovering “modern” hi-fi and streaming. It was revelatory! As this forum gets going I bet you’ll find plenty of sage advice from fellow enthusiasts for your journey.

Thanks for the ripping/tagging tips, and welcome to the Community!


Hi bruny from Scotland, and welcome! Happy to hear that your ARIES MINI and Lightning DS are adding some enjoyment to your music listening experience!


Hey, this is Guy from Singapore, I own a Aries Mini and it is getting better with each firmware updates. Small in size big in features and sound gorgeous too!


Hi Guy/MusicEar. Welcome to the Community!


Hi there
I’m Ian from Scotland and an Aries Mini owner which I use with an ifi Audio stack for day to day listening with Tidal. Then I have a Taurus mk2 and ARK DAC on my main system. I’d like to upgrade to a Vega one fine day.


Hi Dadracer,

Welcome to the AURALiC Community!


Hello everyone,

I am a long-time Aurender N100H user and I recently bought an Aries Mini, just to get the flavour of Auralic! What bugged me most about the Aurender was its inability to link to Roon, which I quite like! So I thought why not trying the Aries Mini to use it along with Roon.

I must say, I am quite impressed about this little box. Already in combination with the Lightning App, I quite liked it. Where it really shines is in combination with Roon. It sounds so much better than the Aurender N100H!

My system consists of a Aqua La Voce S2 R2R DAC, that feeds into Head amp’s GSX-Mk 2 headphone amp, that I solely use as a pre-amp in balanced mode, that feeds into a LAB Gruppen IPD 1200 amp (will be shortly replaced by a class A/B amp). I am using the ATC SCM 11 bookshelf speakers mounted on heavy stands. It’s a super system, that has gotten better with the little Auralic Mini!

Setting up the system was simple after upgrading to the 5.3 software and it works super reliably. Well done, Auralic!


Welcome to the community biosailor, and thanks so much for the positive feedback! Roon is indeed a cool experience, and I’m glad we could help your system sound great without having to give it up.

Thanks also for all the system details. When it comes to the art of putting complimentary pieces together to make our ears happy, hearing about the experiences of others is invaluable!

Enjoy that MINI!