Volume Control - AriesG2 / VegaG2 / Leo

Before Aries G2, I used to be able to set output volume using the Vega G2’s analog volume control. I set at 95 which prided the correct soundstage and detail.

Once Aries G2 is integrated via Lightning Link, the Vega volume knob no longer works unless I go to LDS additional options on IPad and turn on Enable Volume Control which is software volume control.

I don’t think this software volume control via LDS is the same as the Vega G2 analog volume control.

Can anyone advise if they know how to use Vega G2 volume without software control when all 3 G2/GX pieces are connected via LL.

I doubt the Vega G2 volume control is analogue at all. Even when (the knob is) turned by hand.

Thanks Pietro.

Who knows, that was supposedly a big selling point, that you can use as preamp or lower volume to control output level and not affect sound quality. Given the link and controlling via software for the stack, you may be right.

It can be used as an excellent pre-amp.
Don’t worry about that.

The Vega G2 volume control is a resistive ladder network and is analog. It is controlled by a counter which selects the combination of a set of switches using high quality relays to select the appropriate resistors. Interestingly the relays, I recall reading, are bi-stable, meaning that they don’t require a steady control signal to maintain their state, once set.

The Roon and Lightning DS volume control options allow you to control the Vega G2 volume control even when the Aries G2 is connected via an HDMI lightning link.

Thanks Sefischer1. So it sounds like as long as you have Vega G2 in the chain, when you enable volume control (which is controlled via software, it will be using Vega G2’s analogue volume control module. That would be ideal.

Yes, and in both cases where you are using VEGA G2 as a streamer or have the Aries G2, the analogue volumen control in the VEGA G2 will do the volumen regulation from Roon. Works very, very well.

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