Vega with AES/EBU

I have the first generation Vega by Auralic. The DAC upsamples PCM rate to 1.5MHz at 32bit. However, I am using AES/EBU balanced input from my Aries streamer to the Vega which has a maximum sampling rate of 24bit / 192 KHz.

So does this mean the Vega is now upsampling everything to 192 KHz? Or is it still upsampling everything to 1.5MHz at 32bit?

I use Roon so should I use DSP to upsample everything to 192 KHz? Or is the Vega is already doing that. Do I just set the sample rate to “For Compatibility only”? Just trying to figure out the best setting.

The “best” setting is the one YOU prefer! :slight_smile:
And the 1.5Mhz 32bit upsample is internal, has got nothing to do with the SPDIF max rate. I don’t have a Vega, but i assume you can play around with different settings regarding filtering and processing, maybe even turn off the internal upsample?

Me, i prefer to let Roon do the upsample, but i almost always prefer the even multipliers upsample setting. (Thats not entirely true though, because most often i prefer to not upsample at all, just let the current DAC do its deed, wheter it’s upsampling or not)

“even multipliers” means to upsample RedBook (CD sourced) material to 88.Khz/24bit or 176.4Khz/24Bit. 48K based material goes to 96Khz and 192Khz respectively

My question is more about understanding what’s going on with upsampling. From what I understand Roon can only upsample to the highest that the DAC connection will allow. However once the signal is in the DAC then the DAC can further upsample it. Thank you.

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Internait the Vega will upsample everything to 1.5MHz/32bits what ever the input signal is.
You can not disable it.

When upsampling is done by the source to the max input signal allowed in the DAC (let say 24/192 for AES/EBU), the Vega will upsample it again. So double upsampling.

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Thank you Deuch, so would you say not to bother with Roon upsampling and just have one upsample done by the Vega as it is going to happen anyways.

My point is : test it :wink: the filtering and upsampling can be different in each solution. Maybe a combo with both can be better than only the Vega :slight_smile:

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