Vega G2 with Merak Power Amplifier


Is Auralic Merak good companion for Auralic Vega G2? I am considering to buy pair of Auralic Merak and Auralic Vega G2 and connect directly DAC to Power Amplifier without pre amplifier. Is this good idea? Will it work?

Wojtek Kamiński


It is a good companion but something new (amplifier) is coming this year :grinning:


Can you share any more info? New AURALiC amps would be amazing if the advances in the G2 series are any indication!


I would keep it as a secret for now :grinning:


Hello Xuanqian

This Year is ending - any news in case of new amplifier? Or maybe Sirius GX? I have Aries G2, Vega G2, Leo GX (plus two Merak of course) and empty place for Sirius GX ;-).