Vega G2, Plus What? Leo or PS Audio Power Regen P12


Looking for some opinions.

Just pulled the trigger on Vega G2. Eying my next add-on which will either be the Leo GX or a PSAudio Direct Stream P12 powerplant.

Any thoughts?

As a primer, the P12 would be used with my sources I.e the Vega, Oppo 105d and a Melco N1H mk2. It will not be used in any amplification.

Share your wisdom.


I’ll offer a biased opinion:
I’m not a big fan of “power generation” hardware, or “power conditioners” for that matter, so to me the choice it’s a no-brainier: LEO GX.

BTW, I do use an Emotiva CMX-6 power strip, but that’s as far as I go with power gear (Maybe I’m lucky. but I honestly cannot say I have “dirty” power coming out of the wall… but perhaps your situation is way different).

Good luck with your decision.



But the Leo is Awesome


Thank you.

Maybe to re-phrase…does the Vega G2 internal power system and the separation of processing and output do enough on its own?

There appears to be a trend in equipment manufacturers to incorporate some level of galvanic protection and/or clean internal linear power supply in their digital components to lower background. I guess the question is…how effective is the G2 with “typical” power supplies


Well, here’s a quote from the marketing pages:
The VEGA G2 introduces sophisticated galvanic isolation and Unity Chassis techniques that drastically reduce the potential for electro-magnetic interference, for an extraordinarily pure, clean sound. And the VEGA G2 is a full 80% quieter than the original VEGA DAC.

But I’m not sure how to answer your “how effective is the G2” question (i.e., Compared to what?). Perhaps an A/B test would best answer your question… Can you test-drive the “power generator”?


Before investing on a power conditioner or generator (solving the problem), I’d suggest you try to analyze the power you’ve got coming out of your walls… You may be surprised to find there’s no problem to solve!

I know it sounds silly, but I think we “audiophiles” tend to assume we’ve got “dirty” power, hence something MUST be done about it.

Just food for thought.