Vega G2: Permanently powered on or turn off when not in use


Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone else that owns G2 Vega is doing when they are not using. Best to power off using back switch or permanently leave unit on? I read somewhere on this forum that people have buzzing issues with transformer so do not want to prematurely wear out transformer by leaving on all the time.

I have screen on sleep mode and it rarely goes on since I have Vega G2 connected via Aries Femto by USB so not worried about screen burnout.


On all the time. Put the stack to sleep when not listening (Aries G2/Vega G2/Leo GX).


Thank you! I heard putting to sleep is only software but hardware still going full power. No worries on transformer and power supply burnout?


No worries here. They were designed for it. Should last for years, unless unit is defective.