Vega (G2 owners (power cables)

Have any of you swaped out the stock power cord with a high end power cord and if so was there a sonic difference making it worth while to do this? Mine sounds so good as it sits, if it gets better with the change of the power cord I may go crazy!! lol


I did. From my PS Audio P10 i go avtually with an Isotek Sequel.
I can not confirm, that the soundquality change in any way. But it looks better :wink:

Thank you. Not sure that helps but it cracked me up😂

Chancing Powercables can give you an improvement in sound quality.

How much depends on your ears and the overall quality of you audio system!


Power cables for me have always made a difference. I’m currently using a Harmonix Studio Master X-DC on my Vega G2. I’m going to do some cable swapping soon and I’ll let you know the results. One thing for sure…I’ve been swapping out my XLR interconnects…and my Purist Audio Venustas definitely sound better than my Audience Au24 (just the standard version…not “e” or “SE”) cables…

Thank you. I have to move some power cables around in my rig and just picked up a decent used power cable last night. Actually bought 2! In line I am with my dealer for some crazy nice xlrs but in the meantime my Nordost Frey 2 RCA’s sound real smooth.

Yes, crazy as it may seem to be. Replacing did further improve the soundstage. Next step will be to replace the fuse, just for good measure.

Fuse?? Now I’m Con-fused😀

The fuse is located close to the power receptable, a 5x20 mm 1A standard fuse. companies like padis offer fuses for high end gear

Why would the boss allow to send the Vega G2 units out with a cheap fuse???

Maybe because he think it’s useless to put a « better » one ? :grinning:

So is it usless???

Good question :grinning:

Need to be beemed up here. Anyone???

I’m interested in knowing if the fuse makes a difference too! :slight_smile:

I did go with the Ultimate SHD Beeswax and it was an instant upgrade that is getting better as it burns it. Very happy I made the change in my G2.

Good idea. The power line , im my case adding an upmarket kimber, did make an audible difference, esp. In separating single instruments and creating an even more plausible soundstage in classical music. Just for good measure I replaced the fuse too with a padis, but Honestly this made no audible improvement to my ears. Anyway, if you have the opportunity to drive a ferrari ( like the g2) you won’t want to settle on discount tyres.

Agree the padis fuse makes no difference…the ultimate SHD Beeswax made a nice dofference.

I have listened to a high end system (during a power related demo) where differences in power cords made an audible difference. I am still pondering about the physics involved though…