Vega G2 not working properly (at all)

Hi, maybe somebody out here can help me. I just had my PS Audio DirectStream Player replaced with a Vega G2 / Leo GX combo. I tried this set up in January together with my Aries G2 – amazing sound! Among the best digital sound reproduction I have ever heard, at least for “normal” money. The Vega G2 is very good on its own, certainly not behind the PS boxes in any way, but it is with the Leo GX things take off into a totally different stratosphere!

Anyway, for the last day or so I have tried to get my brand new Vega G2 to play music. But nothing happens. It’s quiet. When I first turned it on it made some noise, similar to what a bad tube can make. This disappeared after a couple of minutes though. But after that it has been dead quiet. I have tried different inputs – L-Link, USB, coax, XLR, but nothing works. The DAC won’t lock onto any signal. At first I had the XLR and L-Link inputs connected and the Vega for some reason would not let go of the XLR input. After a number off restarts it at least noticed the L-Link and judging from the displays everything looked fine – the right sample rates etc was shown on the clock and the DAC. But when I try to play music everything just stops. On the Aries the album art briefly flashes, but when the actual track is supposed to start the screen instantly goes to a music note symbol – and silence. Sometimes I get the circular “loading” symbol on the Aries, and sometimes on both the steamer and the DAC – but no sound. I have tried using only the USB input, or only the coax or XLR inputs but the DAC doesn’t react to any changes. With the USB input, for example, the Vega “thinks” for a minute or two and then displays L-Link even though the L-Link isn’t connected…

What to do? Is there any magic command I should perform? Something in the digital chain is definitely not working…


When my auralic vega dac flunked out on me, i turned the power off with the remote a few times to “reset” it. That didn’t work.
It was not until i unplugged it from the wall that it fully reset. ( i left it unplugged for a couple of hours )

you said you"restarted it" but did you fully unplug and retry?

Good thinking! I will try that.
Unplugged for a couple of hours – noted.

Hopefully back with some good news later.

Hi, I have a Vega G2 and I have not experienced anything like the extended noise you described. It sounds concerning. Good luck, and please keep us posted on the situation.

Hi, I gave up.

Never got to the thing to work. Unplugging did change some of the behaviour, but everything’s still very inconsistent with strange lock-ups to inputs that were not in use etc. But most disturbing of all – no sound… Anyway, the machine was returned to my dealer and I took their other Vega instead – the one I tried in my system in January – and magically (!) I can now listen to music again!

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sorry it didnt work for you! are you now using the original vega? only while your g2 is repaired?

i was on the verge of getting the g2 aires and vega …and then a certain virus struck…and now i have to divert funds to more “sensible” items

my original vega dac is pretty damn good though

No, I changed my troubling machine with the Vega G2 they had in store. So after a couple of days of frustration everything is now playing very nicely.

Maybe you did not update the firmware of VEGA G2 before start using it. The older firmware version no longer work with newer ARIES G2 firmware.

I did not. How was I to know there was a new version? Running 6.2.1 now and I’m quite happy right now. How do you update?

You plug the Ethernet cable then go to system menu and select firmware update, the device only update its firmware automatically if it is working as a standalone streamer (streaming input).

Hi, so with 6.3 on the horizon it’s soon time to upgrade. I’m playing via wi-fi normally. Do I have to disconnect the Aries and Vega when it’s time to update?