Vega G2/Monoblock Recommendations

Is anyone using monoblocks that they would recommend in conjunction with the Vega G2?

Parasound JC1 if you can find them.

Thanks, I will read up on those.

JC 1’s are great amps. I’m currently using PS Audio BHK 300’s with the Vega G2, Aries G2, and Leo GX.
I’m quite satisfied with the combo.

We used pass labs during different trade show and I have to say they sound really good.

That’s definitely a recommendation from a reliable source. Thanks!

I bet that sounds glorious!
What speaks?

PS Audio BHK 300s.

I use my Aries/Vega/Leo chain with my McIntosh MC 611 AV monos. I had Devialet 440‘s before and it is much, much better with the McIntosh now. I also tested the Auralic chain with T+A‘s HV series integrated amp, but, again, the Mcs are incredible. But it may also be a function of the speakers. I have Wilson Audio Yvette. Really happy with my configuration now. Worth testing. Next addition will be the Sirius and then the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW later this year.

In terms of monos: I would prefer the MC 611 over the 1.2k; much more modern design and more power than you would need.

Lawrence Audio Violin SE’s with Salk custom subs to match. Used to be a Magnepan guy but these really do it for me with my music preferences.


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AAR- I’ll bet your combo sounds pretty fabulous. I spent a little time with MC 2301’s and thought they were superb. Have you compared the 611’s to the 2301’s?

Like you I’m planning on adding the Sirius. It’s hard to imagine how much better streaming can be. I’d put the Auralic stack up against anything else on the market.

The footprint of the 2301 ist just too big for my rack. Don‘t want to have them sit next to the speakers. Or, to be completely honest, my better half does not want that… but I am sure those uber-tubes must sound great. But the 611s are also really sounding warm and with no edges. I had Mcintosh 501s before with a tube pre-amp and that was great. But now the Auralic chain with the 611 is hard to beat. At least for solid state amps. But those 2301… unfortunately my dealer does not have them in store for testing.

Simply stunning!

Not even on the same level. But my meager rig. Good for me. Currently.

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I’m using Bel Canto ref600m mono blocks. The rest of the system (the part relevant to this discussion) is Aries G2, Vega G2, Prima Luna Dialogue Premium pre-amp, B&W 803Ds. This combination is magical for me.


Next week I will be adding Parasound JC1’s to the Auralic stack. I just received a Power Plant today and it’s pretty damn impressive. Can’t wait for the Sirius.


Oh man you are a lucky guy ! Enjoy !

I’ve the A21 and looking for a second hand pair of JC-1 for a while :grinning:

Nice! I see some PS Audio Stellar stuff there. Darren Meyers is getting himself quite the reputation with his designs.

They work very well for their price point.
Vega G1 - stellar pre - stellar m700 monos to Elac Adante towers.
Thank You

I have a Vega G2>> Stellar m700 Monos>> Focal Sopra 1. I admittedly have not swapped any components since I purchased the Vega G2 so i can’t say if there are other alternatives. But this sounds pretty good to my ears.

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