Vega G2: Lightning DS always showing 32bit


Since my Vega G2 has updated to Firmware 6.0, Lightning DS alway shows 32bit regardless of the actual bit-depth of the playing file.
The samplingrate is displayed correctly.

It does so with local files as with streamed music from qobuz.

Qobuz, 24 bit/192 khz:

Local, CD Quality:


Hello Zappa,
this is done now if you have changed resampler configuration individual to up or downsampling.
In standard setting ( 1 : 1) you will see and hear your 16 or 24 bit version

best regards Rainer


Where do I change the resampler resampler with the vega?
(Isn’t that an aries only feature?)


I wanna know too. Everything is 32 bit now



This position shows the internal processing resolution of your streaming device starting from firmware 6.0. This is the physical data that DAC is processing, our device basically convert everything into 32 bit for better processing resolution. For file format, you need to look at the album information.