Vega G2 humming (transformer?) noise

At the moment I have a demo Vega G2 at home. I wanted to connect the G2 to a PS Audio P5 power regenerator, but this causes a humming (transformer?) noise from the Vega G2. All my other equipment connected to the P5 is silent. When I connect the Vega G2 to a regular outlet, the noise is gone. Any suggestions? Are there people on the forum with the same setup (Vega G2 and PS Audio P5)?

Do you have the possibility to measure for DC on the power output from the PS Audio? Humming transformers often are an indication of DC on the powergrid. (I personally have a DC trap on my power supply)

Good point. I already own a dc offset killer, but when I connect it between the P5 and the Vega G2, the humming noise remains.

Sorry this didn’t solve the issue… There must something different with the power from the P5 though. Do you have access to a power quality meter? (Like the ones electricians use for checking installations etc.)
Perhaps it’s just the Auralic being sensitive to something particular.

Sorry for the late response. I do not have access to a power quality meter. At the moment I’m not using the P5 for the Vega G2, but I’m enjoying the musicality of the Vega G2 anyway!

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