Vega G2 freezing if left unplayed

My Vega G2 (an early production unit) is freezing on a regular basis when left unplayed. The unit works fine while music is playing. However, when left unplayed, the unit will freeze and becomes unresponsive from either Lightning App or front panel. I have to use the switch at the back of the unit to reboot every time. This seems to appear after the last software update, although I am not sure if it is related.
Any suggestions?

Same problem here with Aries G2.


You can send the unit to the dealer or to us directly and we can check it out and see if there is a problem with the hardware. This problem was indeed a separate testing in our factory starting from June 2018 after we heard back from customers that machine may simply freeze but totally OK if it keep playing. It maybe relating to hardware issue, our solution is to replace the processor daughter board even we can not reproduce the problem.

The problem started with firmware 6.0 and it was not existent before. Is it possible to send the processor daughter board to me and I will build it in - then send back the old one.

How to downgrade firmware.

Same issue àn Aries G1 . Also since firmware 6.0.

I have the exact same issue w Altair. If I don’t use it for a few days or a week, i can’t stream and have to power it off completely.

It is boring to have to switch off the aries G1 if left unplayed in order to recover access . This is certainly not a hardware issue since it appears after firmware 6.0 .:unamused:

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I am running firmware 6.0 also, but have never seen this issue?
Regardless whether the Aries G1 has been connected via WLAN or Eth i am always able to Sleep/Awake it from Lightning DS on my iPad?
The same applies to my my Aries Femto, cabled to the same LAN as the G1. (Fw 5.8 on this one however)

So am i , but the keys in front are not working any longer.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Aha, i see… Or do i? Doesn’t the power-button work as Sleep/Awake command?

And now from time to time it stops at the end of an album, showing nothing like on attached picture, and all buttons blocked. Only solution is to remotely switch it off and on… or use the ac power button on the back !

Yes I’m having similar issues with Aries G2, not 100% reproducible but frequent enough to indicate a pattern.

Are people who have issues using wireless or Ethernet?


Firmware 6.0 here too and no issues. Just got back into town after being gone two days and from idle both the Aries G2 and Vega G2 woke up immediately. Wireless here.

I use wireless. I also can not wake up with the remote control. It’s completely blocked.

Also are the people experiencing the freezing with the Aries leaving it on 24/7 or putting it to sleep when not in use? Is it with Roon or Lightening it is being used?

My unit is totally frozen at the moment, just woke it from sleep, played some Bunny Wailer, paused with remote to take a phone call and then tried to play music again and everything is frozen, the unit is on, Ethernet connected the Bunny Wailer song paused on the screen, but no buttons will work and an network scan doesn’t show an Aries and it has disappeared from Roon.

I feel like donating my unit to help with the shortage in the Netherlands!


It’s due to the lack of socks! :smiley:
Seriously, i’m sorry to hear about your troubles.
Has it been like this all the time? And, do you have other equipment on your network that have issues?

First world problems, these aren’t troubles!

My dealer is being very supportive and is sending on some socks.

My theory is that this has only started since I started using the “sleep” function. So I’m going to leave it powered up fully to test my hypothesis. Wired or wireless doesn’t seem to matter and my dealer said there were similar issues with both Roon and Lightening so this doesn’t seem to be the issue.

I’m hoping @Xuanqian is working on new firmware late into the night.


We have completely no clue at right moment, some people saying it is relating to particular router setup which has a short DHCP lease time but we can not reproduce the problem here so far. I thought it was hardware issue but it does not make sense because it will play just fine without freeze but only freeze in sleep mode. From a software design aspect, the sleep mode will shut down some internal software but nothing else. If it is a hardware issue then it should happen more frequently when device is playing something. My 2nd guess is when the device in sleep mode, due to no activity on network, the router just kicked the device offline and there is a software flaw which we have no find yet that once the device is kicked by a particular way then it will freeze. :grimacing:

I have had this issue for one year with my former Aries G2. The first 9 months it was freezing several times every week when not beeing used or beeing in sleep mood. Have to use the power button every time to restart the unit.
The last 3 months the Aries G2 also starting freezing when playing music in a middle of a tune.
The freezing problem have happened with every software version and beta software version the last year and booth from Lightnig DS and when using Roon and also with using ethernet cable and using my wi-fi. No difference here.

I have all the time had a good dialogue with my dealer and four weeks ago I swapped my Aries G2 with my dealers demo G2. For 4 weeks now I have’nt had a single issue with this Aries G2, no freezing problem at all. Cross my fingers!

My dealer reporting back that my returned Aries G2 also did freeze when they testing the unit in the store and the demo unit I got from them have played without any issue for several months in theire demo room.
Sadly I don’t think the Aries’s freezing problem can be solved by any sofware update…

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