Vega G2 (Almost there)


I have narrowed my choices down and am leaning towards the Vega G2 over the Naim N272.

Leaning towards the G2 as I just love what’ve read about it and ut looks like a great unit. My main listening will be from the massive music library I have built over that past 6 years and all filles are in FLAC 16 bit 48K hz with a few thousand selections in 24bit 192K Hz and all sound real good, Just stepping up to what I hope to be the last player I will need and one that will let me hear these files in Style. I’d love to share the entry level units I’ve owned but don’t want to bore anyone with all that so quickly, Cambridge 851N was with me for a while and most recent trial on the ELAC DDP2 (great sounding but no APP and issies within their software. That made me decide to step it up and get a real deal unit. Streaming radio means not too mush to me but hearing the files stored on my NAS means everything! Will the Vega V2 do what I want and deliver amazing sound and is it easy to set up and get rolling? Straight into my amp and speakers is what I’m looking to do. I sure hope I’m on the right track an think I am, but nice to hear from the experiences ones! Thanks and hope to hear back.


Vega G2 doesn’t provide a server (LDS Server like in the Aries). You need a DNLA server like Minimserver or the music server in your NAS.

Or you can use the G2 as a Roon endpoint (but you need a Roon Server somewhere)


Ouch, so the Naim N272 might be the route to go?? for all the money they sure dropped the ball


And this lightning app will not see my NAS and allow me to set up a Queue, shuffle all that happy stuff?? If not I am looking at the wrong piece of gear.


I see my ripped music files on my nas. I have minim server installed on the nas. Auralic’s own Apple software, Lightning Server, on my iPad allows me to play my nas based files easily. It’s a great interface. I stream Tidal seamlessly too through LDS. Sound quality is simply stunning.


That is a little refreshing. Will this lightning app allow me to change the player over to the Toss link to hear the tv or can that only be done at the front of the unit manually? And why there is no remote for this unit is beyond me.


As far as a remote is concerned you can get the Auralic RC-1 remote control for cheap from an Auralic dealer, or use any learning remote. I’ve done so for the instances where I want to do something quickly without having to wake the phone/ipad.


You need a server somewhere. As Arturo said you need to install something on your NAS or elsewhere. The Vega G2 can not mount a SMB share directly and serve you music. You need an application server to do that.

I do not have a Vega G2 so i do not know if you can change input directly with LDS on IOS. I imagine that you can. But you can use any remote control an let the Vega learn some IR code to let you change input.


Thank you. Not second guessing you but this will turn on and off the unit and allow me to switch over to toss link for the tv?

#10 Synology NAS has its own deal where it’s own app and mimumserver do work on the ELAC DDP2 now so I should be good . just none of those apps are as slick as my old Cambridge app which allows easy set up-shuffle . I know it’s all about the sound


With a IR classical remote yes you can do pretty much everything. With LDS on iPad you can wake up and put in sleep the Vega G2. For input changing i do not know.

Again, take any IR remote and let the Vega G2 learn some code. If you have an Logitech Harmony or something like that, it works too.

If you have minim server you are good to go ! During the initial setup, LDS will ask you to choose or create a Music Library. Choose an existing one like your minim server and it will be set up in minutes (scan, image caching etc …)


Thank you. It’d be nice to have an Auralic remote (guess I’m funny like that) now if someone can chime in that’s heard the NAIM 272 and tell me in their opinion if it sounds as good as the G2. Would love to hear from someone that can hip me in advance. Thanks


I chose the G2 over the 272, on SQ , the Vega is way better. I feed the G2 directly into my ATC 40 active speakers and just love the sounds. I use a QNAP NAS, which I use through the Vega, all easy to navigate, see album metadata etc, and it does random play fine.
I also subscribe to Hifi Tidal , and I can control all through the lightning app.
I can totally recommend .


I am firming up my order on Friday. Thank you brother. I am looking forward to it.


I have a Vega G2 playing straight into a Krell 402e a recent change to have no pre-amp and it works really well. I generally stream direct from Qobuz now but originally used the Vega G2 with a QNAP NAS which is still connected. I had no problems setting up the Vega and Lightening App picked up the NAS and reads the tracks onto the local for faster select. App works really well from my side.
I love High res now - in most recordings it is simply stunning imagery and feeling and guests generally agree.
Happy Listening.

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Thank you. So looking forward to mine so I can start listening in style. Nothing but files from my NAS!!


Just to clarify, Vega G series are wired Ethernet, not WiFi. Not a problem for me, I added a network bridge next to my Vega G1 and wired Ethernet from there to the streaming input on the Vega. You may already know this of course.


Was my understanding that the Vega G2 was either wireless or wired but I had no intentions of using wireless on mine. Always best to be hard wired has been my past experience.


The streamer in Vega G2 is only wired-Ethernet (no Wi-Fi).

As for Wi-Fi vs hard-wired, the argument can be made that Wi-Fi provides noise isolation… Of course, there are other factors to consider when comparing Wi-Fi to a hard-wired connection.


It all depends on the way the device has been designed and built. In my case the Aries G1 sounds better connected through WiFi (through WiFi there are allot more micro dynamics audible). I suspect that it’s due to the fact that the Aries G1’s ethernet port is not as well isolated as the one on the Vega G2.