Vega G1 with Aries Mini


I currently haven an Aries Mini with internal HDD containing music in Flac format. I also stream Tidal wirelessly through the mini.
I’m contemplating an upgrade to the Vega G1 DAC.
I’ve read several threads involving the Vega & Mini but it didn’t really clarify my concerns.
The Vega doesn’t support wireless however it can obviously accept a digital signal via USB/coax. It also appears to be able to accept a stream via the Ethernet port (it’s even labelled stream on the Vega). So if I want to maintain a wireless setup I need to stream to the Mini wirelessly and connect to the Vega via USB for example. Is this setup taking full advantage of the Vega’s femto clock? Or is it using the Mini for clocking duties? Do I need to stream directly to the Vega via the Ethernet connection to use its femto clock? I could stream directly to the Vega via Ethernet but then what is the Mini doing in this setup? I’ve read it can be used as the DLNA server. Does this mean the Mini makes its HDD content visible on the network and then the Vega will see this and stream via its Ethernet port?
Thanks for any clarification on this.

You always use the Femto clock with the Vega. It is use with the input signal (usb, coax etc …)

Yes you can use the Mini as DLNA server and let the content be read by the Vega but it seems to be a little complicated :slight_smile:

Use the Mini as a streamer (with HDD in it or music stored in a NAS with WiFi) and connect it to the Vega with USB to have all the formats supported. It’s the more simple and effective solution.

Yes indeed. I upgraded from a Mini to Vega G1. I’ve tried using the Mini as a HD source, USB to Vega. Now I stream from a remote NAS with Minimserver installed to Vega G1 using a wireless bridge to give me an ethernet link to the Vega. Sublime.

Thanks for the replies.
So it sounds like running the Mini as a DLNA server isn’t as easy as it might be.
I’m trying to avoid having a NAS drive which is why I originally got the Mini because it offered a very neat one box solution. The issue now is I’d like to improve the DAC but still maintain the functionality of my current setup. The upcoming Altair G1 would be a straight swop for the Mini but I don’t think I’d get the significant DAC upgrade I’m after which I why I thought the Vega would be ideal.
Rather than use a NAS my router allows me to directly attach an external USB drive. But I’m not sure if this gives the drive the same network visibility as a true NAS but if it did could I just sell the Mini and stream directly to the Vega and control everything with Lightning DS? Although the physical Ethernet connection will have to be using a Netgear Powerline, ie. over the mains as opposed to a dedicated Ethernet cable directly into the router so I don’t know if that has any sonic implications. Unfortunately I don’t have a Vega to home demo to play around with various configurations so I’m hoping folks on here have had similar issues and experiences.
Many thanks.

The mini is an LDS server. Put a disc in it and use it as a server/streamer with LDS ant connect it by usn to your DAC. You can still use the mini with your wifi setup ton control it with your Ios device

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