Vega G1 - files stored on TimeMachine

Hi, seriously considering buying a Vega G1. Only remaining question to be answered: can I index/access/play files stored on the internal drive of an Apple Timemachine? I know it can access media servers, but is this form of direct (disk-)access also supported? Thanks!

I’m afraid the answer is no, if the info in this thread is correct: Vega G2 (Almost there)

I think (almost convinced) that Apples TimeMachine is a proprietary backup format. Not suitable for reading and writing by any other software than Time Machine itself.
Perhaps install Minim Server (or similar) on your Mac? The Vega will do just fine along with an UPnP server and Lightning DS.

No you can mount the storage of a Time Machine Capsule and use the space for Time Machine or other stuff. But it’s not a SMB Share (i’ve to check that).

Even if you can mount it with an Auralic gear (and i doubt because you need SMB v1), you need a server like MinimServer or other product.

The Time Capsule is not a good choice, because the performance are not top notch for file sharing (it’s not the purpose of the product)

I read @Stouthart as he wanted to use the Time Machine backups as file storage, not a separate area on the TM Capsule. And i still dont think that is either doable or wise. :slight_smile:

MimimServer could be an option, indeed. Thanks.

Btw I said TimeMachine, but meant Time Capsule instead. That one is accessible via SMB v1 and has been happily serving music files for some years now.

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So you can try by yourself if smb v1 is supported ! :grinning: you have to install MinimServer elsewhere and be sure that you can reach the TC with SMB v1.

I prefer a NAS because you have more option for backup etc … and you can have multiple disk … with a TC if your disk fail, your are blocked.

That’s why I run a daily backup job to S3 :wink:

Our engineer actually told me our system support SMB all the way to v3, however it will use v1 whenever it is possible.

All working…Vega G1 serving great music from Time Capsule drive (via MinimServer) since yesterday :slight_smile:

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Good to know ! Thanks !