Vega G1 display problems

I’m using the Vega G1 since a few months…From the beginning on, I encounter display problems:

  1. starting a new record (via Roon) … Vega G1 will play, but will not show the cover image…sometimes, after a while however, the image appears, most of the times it won’t appear.
  2. sometimes, the status indication (left side, with Roon logo) will remain “paused”…however, music is playing without any interruption
  3. sometimes, the progress bar will start…but will stop moving at the end of a song … the status triangle remains at the end … although a new song has started…
  4. even more strange: I have 3 Lan wall connectors. All 3 getting signals from the same router/switch…all 3 work perfectly with all my devices (laptop/second streaming DAC from SimAudio… but the Vega G1 only works with One of the 3 connections…
  5. In addition to the point 1-4: playing music without progress bar…pausing with progress bar (see pictures)

I’m very disapointed and frustrated about these annoying problems with the Vega 1 (bought as new device)…please help and let me know how to solve these issues.


Your first source of support is always the retailer where you purchased the Aries. Why not turn to him/her as a first line of support, they have better contact with the manufacturer than you as a end user.


Thanks for your advice (which in my situation does not help at all: bought the Vega in Germany…living now in Belgium)… hoping that Auralic support knows about the problem(s) and helps to find a solution…


Alpha High End

Authorized Dealer

Bredabaan 1031
B-2930 Brasschaat


Tel: +32 (0)3 – 653 51 01

Bang & Olufsen Gent

Authorized Dealer

F. Laurentplein 4
9000 GENT


Tel: +32 9 2657373


Authorized Dealer

Strandlaan 379
8670 Koksijde


Tel: +32 477 31 07 23

Pink Noise

Authorized Dealer

122 chaussée de Wavre
1050 Brussels



Will any authorised dealer support an AURALIC product under warranty?


Any dealer carrying a brand should be willing to assist troubled customers. I’d be seriously disappointed otherwise.

It appears to be a slow network setup where metadata coming way slower than the music data. It is a good time to do some home network upgrade (not relating to Internet speed).

It took me some time to check and upgrade my network. The Vega G1 is now directly connected to my switch (Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24) which is directly conneted to my router (Ubiquiti Edgemax ER-8). The source with all my music is stored on a Synology RS819 (with SSD disks) connected to the same switch. … But nothing has changed: at any moment, the cover image may appear or not, the progress bar may show the progress correctly or not and the play indicator may show that a file is playing or not. So my conclusion is still the same: the Vega G1 does not function normally… but still played music correctly …until yesterday. Out of a sudden the music changed into a “machine gun sound” . I switched the streamer off … and on again, but after a few minutes, the “machine gun” sound started again… I noticed that the DSP settings in Roon are no longer visible too. Sorry to say, but this device becomes a nightmare !
Please let me know what the problem with this device is and how I get it repared/working again. The device is only 7 month old (bought on 02/01/2019 at hifisound ( and is registered under my name. Please confirm that the warranty is valid in Belgium and that Belgian dealers are authorised to repair the device.
Thanks for your support

I think this does not belong in a public forum.

I think every user of Auralic devices should be aware of the quality of the devices (and occuring problems)… In the meantime, the device has been returned to the seller in order to get it repaired or replaced.

The way you write you’re trolling and blackmailing Auralic.
Not nice.

Did you try LDS instead of roon ? Just to check if it’s a roon issue or globally a device issue.

I am also using 2 other streamers (Simaudio/Naim) with the same installation (Synology/Ubiquiti/Roon)… no problems what so ever…no issues with my network, no issues with Roon…

Do you have display on those 2 streamers ?

…no, none of them has a display …but the display problem is peanuts compared to the sound problem that has occured (see message above) - the device has become unusable now (and is on it’s way to the seller for repair/replacement)

Yep for the machine gun sound, it seems to be a hardware issue.