VEGA G1 as a preamp

Hi : if my source is digital ONLY. Honestly will the VEGA G1 connecting directly into a power amp be as good as with preamps like: Mcintosh C47or Pass Xp 12? any one have compared the Vega g1 direct into amp with to a similar level preamp? and what do you feel the SQ?

Since the volume control of VEGA G1 is digital, it depends on if you can run the volume on VEGA G1 high enough. Digital volume control lose dynamic range while you turning the volume down. If your amplifier has low input sensitivity and you always run VEGA G2 volume from 70 or 80 and above then you should totally fine, otherwise an active analog preamplifier is recommended.

So VEGA G2 could do it whiteout a preamp?

As I understand it yes because it has an analog volume control which would maintain the dynamic range at lower volumes. That said I would test the amplifier one is matching the Vega to.

I use my vega g2 as a dac/streamer/pre. The pre-amp functionality is very good. IMO out performs my previous set up which was a ps audio DSJ and a primaluna pre.

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Hi, I have two fine DAC’s that can also function as a Pre Amp. Both (to me) clearly sound better with a high quality preamp. They just do. The first, a PS Audio Direct Steam, sounds much better with the BHK Pre amp. My Auralic Vega G2 Sounds much better with my AudioNet
Pre 1 G3 Pre amp. This was not a matter of matching impedance or anything, but better soundstage, imaging, and better bass and low midrange. I tried them without the preamp first, but once I listened with the preamp…no going back! If interested, the PS
Audio uses a BHK 250 stereo amp, and the Auralic / AudioNet uses a Classe CA2300 stereo amp. The systems are both excellent but nicely different. The PS Audio stuff has that creamy ‘analogue’ sound, and is in a warm small environment. The Auralic and the AudioNet are both very revealing and image amazing. They are in a larger open area and the soundstage is from wall to wall. Happy Holidays!


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