VEGA fuse type and location

like to know the specification and location for my Vega, and any fuse upgrade recommendations would be highly appreciated.

I use padis

but what I am really need to know at first place is the location and specification of fuse that VEGA is using.

I have the EU Version 230 V.

Location: at the AC receptable ( socket). Between Socket and switch. You will need a small pin or screwdriver to slide the unit ( fuse holder) outwards, then you will see the fuse.

Fuse type is 5 x 20 mm 1 A slow blow.

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oh sorry, I do own a g2, not a vega.

Hi, just saw there are two fuses in there. I do not know if its would be appropriate to change both of them. both seem to be standard glass type 1 A slow blow. sadly padis seems to be no longer available, at least in europe but tI am sure there are other high quality manufacturers around.

Pretty sure my G2 only has 1 fuse. The other is a spare.

thanks, good to know as the manual does not state anything about that. while suspecting that I was not so sure.

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