Using the Vega G2 direct to Amp

I was wanting some user feedback regarding direct to amplifier from the Vega G2. What I’m finding is that the soundstage when going direct to amp is considerably wider when compared to using my regular preamp. I have what I think is a fairly decent preamp (Aesthetix Calypso). I’ve been experimenting with various ethernet cables too…and very clearly, they contribute to the width of the soundstage as well. Are others experiencing the same thing? The difference is very startling!

Indeed. Straight to amp and pure goodness. And yes the higher end Ethernet cables help. I added the Ultimate SHD beeswax fuse as well and the G2 really ate that up. Brought it to yet another level.
Thought you were done with that pre??

Hi, what were the specs on the fuse i.e. fuse size and fuse rating? Couldn’t find the details on the Auralic site. Cheers

Been a while but 5x20mm slow burn. Beeswax super ultimate HD just flipped my G2 into audio bliss. I am not kidding and stand to gain nothing from telling you this except I know I’m steering you right.

Check it out. So glad I did. And if you do it why not the best??


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I had emailed Auralic directly and here was the response:
“It is 5*20MM 250V/1A slow blow type. There are two fuse inside the cartridge but only work is for working, the other is a spare fuse.” This is for the Vega G2.

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Thanks for that, much appreciated!

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