USB of Auralic or Mac mini?

I do have a mac mini with Roon server installed on it. I do have an Auralic Altair. My own music is on a external harddrive. Would you guys connect the harddrive to the usb of the mac mini or direct to the usb of the Auralic for the best quality of sound? Hope you can help me out with this one :slight_smile:

How is your Mac mini connected to your Altair? If wifi then I would connect your hard drive to the Mac mini and that would be wifi connected to Altair.

Mini is connected with a high-end Cat8 cable to my switch and my switch is connected with a high-end cat8 cable to my altair !!

Ok so disconnect the Mini from the switch and go WiFi from Mini to Altair. That is what I do but I have the original Aries and Vega. Sound is clean. If you don’t like it then switch back to your Cat8.

Thanks for the advice. Will try :slight_smile: