USB drive on Aries


Any thoughts on attaching a USB hard drive to the Aries. Since the DAC is also USB attached (in my case) does having two devices on the USB bus affect performance? Should one also consider using perhaps a powered USB hub to power the disk? To reduce the load on the Aries?


I have a 2TB USB drive containing my digital music library as input and a USB connected DAC (McIntosh D100) as my output device and everything works and sounds fantastic. Never noticed any kind of latency, dropout, etc.


The two USB on the back of the ARIES share same USB host bus. When using a USB attached drive, it will draw power from ARIES and also occupy USB bus data bandwidth. So using network shared folder should sound better than USB, however if the network connection is poor, particularly using WIFI, the machine will need to request data quite frequently, which also add system load, this may degrade sound quality as well. Eventually, it is hard to tell which input method sounds better as it all depends on how you use it.


Thanks Xuanqian. I had a feeling that might be the case. I’ll stick with the network folder option.



i have Aries and plan to use samsung T3 1 TB ssd portable usb drive…any thots


I am not sure if this thread also applies to the Mini, what I have.

I am using a USB drive, but it has its own power. Would your comment about using WIFI still apply in this case.

I have also found that the USB thumb drive only works on one side. Is this the normal case?

I tried a variety of external software systems to feed my MINI, but found I was better off just using the external USB drive and the lightning server.


Hi - planning to get the same SSD (SS T3 1 TB) - did you get yours and how is it working?


Haven’t started using it


Can I connect a USB flash drive as well as my network music file simultaneously?


You can do it with current firmware and setup via web control interface, the setup guide of Lightning DS will only add one single path.