USB and G2 units/Leo

I have been using the Aries/Vega G2 and Leo via Lightning Link with no issues. Was interested in comparing sound quality via USB cable (Light Harmonics Lightspeed 10G). I switched dac input to usb. Tried switching streamer output to usb but only options were digital output or lightning link.

Am I experiencing the Galvanic Isolation issue where it is not recognizing my connection? Prior to Aries G2 I had my Aries Femto to Vega G2 with no connection issues.

With the Aries you need to power off/on it because it doesn’t support hot plug. Connect the Aries to the Vega with USB. Power down the Aries G2 (with the switch on the back) and start it again.

With 2 Auralic products, you will not have issue with USB (normally)

Thank you Deuch! I’ll try today when I get home. Appreciate the insight!!

I was hyped with the above recommendation but unfortunately no can do.

Shut down both Aries and Vega with the back switches. Restarted both units and same issue. Cannot set the streamer output to USB. Only lightning and digital outputs available for streamer. DAC input can be set to USB like before but no signal received.

Any other insight from others or Xuanqian?

Have you tried a different cable? Any old working usb lead will do for the test.

Absolutely. The Auralic USB as well as my computer printer cable. No go.

For me one of your device has an issue. If even with 2 Auralic G2 product you have an issue you have 2 possibilities :

  1. The USB solution implementation is poorly designed
  2. One of your device has an issue, unfortunately

Thanks Deuch. That would make sense since I just got my Aries G2 a week ago and have only been using via Lightning Link.

Assuming no others with the combo of Aries/Vega G2 and Leo has problems switching streaming output between Lightning and USB, perhaps my unit is not working properly.

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed on the QC of their top of the line products since when I first got my Vega G2, I also had to ship that one back to Auralic since the output signal to amp would cut out anywhere after 5 minutes of playing to a couple hours. Auralic advised that there was some issue with software installation on one of the drivers.

If I have to return the Aries for repair, that will be 2 for 3 components that had to be returned due to some manufacturing issue. So far Leo have not given any problems but Leo is also relatively new (as in 2-3 weeks old) so hopefully no issues will pop up there.

I will have to place a call to my dealer since this does not seem normal.

USB works just fine on ARIES G2 and VEGA G2, the only thing I have noticed is the VEGA G2 need to be switched to USB input prior to start up. I normally need to start VEGA G2 first till it boot then start ARIES G2.

Hi Xuanquin, thank you for your specific instructions. I will be sure to try these unique sequence of steps when I get home tonight.

Good to know !

Hi Xuanqian, with your instructions, the units can now connect via USB (generic cable).

But, the cable I would like to use is a split power and data USB cable by Light Harmonics.

With the Aries Femto before, I had plugged the power leg into the HDD USB outlet on the Femto and Vega G2 recognized. Doing the same on Aries G2 does not seem to behave the same and Vega G2 does not recognize the USB cable.

Any recommendations on how Aries G2 can work with split power/data USB cables?

I have never used Light Harmonics before, I am not sure how their split power works, maybe you can simply not connect the connector for power supply use and only connect the data connector.

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