USB and AES Outputs: Aries G2

Even though you cannot use both USB & AES outputs at the same time, is it acceptable/safe to leave both cables attached between an Aries G2 and my DAC? Selecting the desired output using the Channel Selection setting would be much easier than powering down the unit and switching cables every time I wanted to compare outputs.

@Xuanqian If you plan on using them then yes it is fine to keep them both connected. It would be just like multiple sources connected to a preamp. You can only select one source at a time.

Thanks, that’s what I was hoping, seems to make sense. Both inputs sound excellent but different, will take some comparing to decide which I prefer.

@Xuanqian, @robertD So, after having both USB and AES connected simultaneously to my Aries Femto to my Vega DAC, I noticed some stuttering of the tracks as I switched back and forth. Not sure if that was buffer related.

Not surprised that you may encounter some “glitches” when switching between USB and AES. Maybe pausing the music first would be less jarring on the ears?

I stop the music before I switch. Now keep in mind I am switching input on the vega so there is no unplugging of wires. Both wires are always connected. Next I have to go into the LSD to select either digital output or USB. This is not a quick process.

I have an ARIES G2 and a VEGA G2, as well as a Melco N1ZH/1. Currently, the ARIES G2 is connected to the VEGA G2 via Lightning Link and AES/EBU. The Melco connects to the VEGA G2 via USB. Using the Lightning web control interface, I switch between the VEGA G2’s Lightning Link, AES/EBU and USB inputs. It works fine, but I am wondering if there is a quicker way to switch VEGA G2 inputs?

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You can use SmartIR function inside VEGA G2 to program a IR remote to switch VEGA G2’s input channel, that’s the fastest way.

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Hi, great idea, I have a Harmony universal remote and will try to program it to control the VEGA G2 input selection, thanks!

You can load an AURALIC universal remote (I think it is original VEGA) to the Harmony and let VEGA G2 to learn it, you can map any function to any button you want, it is very simply.

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I would never use USB, in my opinion USB is not suited for HiFi purposes. Sound difference to AES is huge, listened to a lot of VERY expensive USB cables all sounded less god compared to AES.

The USB SQ is determined by the DAC not the wire. Currently there is no other connection to be able to listen to sample rates above 192 kHz or DSD streams.

I’ve been doing some comparisons between the AES & the USB on my Aries G2. While I’m sticking to the AES (I don’t have files higher than 192 KHz), the USB output on the Aries G2 is extremely good compared to other USB outputs that I’ve used. I find it very hard to say that I actually hear a difference. Again, nice that the Aries gives you choices where SQ does not suffer.

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The downside of having both cables connected, is that you get worst of both worlds because your getting rfi from both cables connected. For less electrical noise it’s best to unconnected all cables not being used

… and connect a TOSLINK cable instead :wink:. At least that‘s what I did. And I love it.



Hi Robin,

Now I have to ask - which TOSLINK cable to you use and recommend?


Blue Jeans Cables makes a nice Toslink cable. Sorry, but I just can’t get past using a plastic connector, AES seems much more robust. Nevertheless, I probably do need to give Toslink a fair try, haven’t really spent a lot of time with it. The Aries gives you too many options to play with. :grinning:

I have a psaudio dac, and the designer says he only uses toslink, but whenever I try it I don’t like how it sounds

You have to go with what work’s best for you, nothing else really matters.

Ooops, I seem to have set off an avalanche :smile:. This is the TOSLINK cable I’m happy with: