Upsampling to max

Today was a first for me to explore the upsample setting of the Auralic G2.
This is the tabel":

I didn’t expect higer SQ but even with this relative small system you kan add much to your output.

Please remind me if I make a mistake.

Looks good to me !

Your are not using USB output ? AES i suppose ?

Let us know how this works out for you. I tried this a few months ago and found that my Aries G1 was not up to the task. I heard audible breakup that was not there when not upsampling. In the end I only elected to upsample 44 and 48 to 88 and 96. These sample rates work with no issues.

Yes I use AES/EBU. Does that matter?
It works perfect. SQ goes up.

I have tried the aries upsampling and found the sound harsher and dryer. Now using an external upsampling device it’s way better. Also better via AES/EBU.

To each their own.
I was wondering if the Sirius would go in the same direction.
Apart from that… you can’t compare a built in solution to a multi-K add on.

Sirius would be THE ideal partner with your aries G2.
What i mean is that a proper upsampling deserve a dedicated unit.

There is no Sirius on the Auralic web site. Is it still being produced?

I understand.
Alas the Sirius will be multi-K too.

It should come into the market shortly.

No no, it was just a guess because your are limiting everything to 192 or DSD64 :slight_smile:
I’m doing the same thing because my DAC can not handle more that 24/192 and DSD64.

But i prefer the bit perfect approach and downsample instead of upsample, because i’m rarely downample (files are majority CD quality, and 88.2/96/176.4/192 and some DSD64, maybe 10/12 albums have been sampled to more than 192 or DSD64 on 1200 albums)

Ouch. $6000. Sorry I would have to pass. Luckily I only have a G1 so the Sirius is really not an option for me.

Makes one wonder if AES/EBU will change their ways?
Don’t really know how that works.

Hi, I use the Kii Three loudspeakers and G2. I found this combo to sound best without upsampling and using USB. The up sampling does someone to the sound. More glare and less air and details.

Aside from the processing power required, I think the DAC you are using will dictate how positive upsampling is… I found some limited (44khz to 96khz) lightning upsampling is good through my NOS (non oversampling) DAC, but not good through my Chord or Sabre DACs… too brittle, too lean.
I’ve tried some cheapo upsampling devices in the past, such as the Wyred4Sound Remedy and an ifi device… and I didn’t like either of them, G2 does it better.
I do wonder about the expensive ones like Sirius or MScaler… and I’d love to hear from someone who’s compared those two.

I have a Auralic Aries G2 does it do upsampling ? My Naim ndac does DSD64 over coax.

Read the manual. Yes it does upsampling.

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Did you even read what this post was about or how I started it?

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I would have thought you would have done that leg work first before dropping cash on the G2?