Upsampling in Roon or Aries

I have recently acquired an Aries G2 and a few days ago decided to look into using it for upsampling.
When I accessed the Aries’ Processor menu in order to set the upsampling, I found something that confused me. The menu did not show any of the expected items. Instead, it showed (and still shows) options for setting a parametric equaliser. Nothing else. I can find no mention of a parametric equaliser in any references to Aries’ functions.
For clarity, I have Aries G2, Vega G2 and Leo GX. I stream using Roon wirelessly to the Aries set as a Roon end-point.
I have raised the matter with Auralic Support and am still awaiting a response.
I am coming to wonder if the problem is related to the following statement in the Aries’ Processor instructions: " If an external processor is connected via Lightning Link, the ARIES G2 software processor is disabled, and options shown here apply to the external processor."
Roon is certainly a “processor”, and although not connected to the Aries via Lightning Link, it might be very visible to Aries because the latter is Roon Ready. (Although, if I turn off Aries’ Roon Ready status, I still cannot see the Aries’ Processor menu.)
If my suspicions are correct, it would seem that if you use Roon you cannot use Aries’ Processor.
It would be useful to get a comment from @Xuanqian as I have , until now, been keenly awaiting Sirius. Will I be able to use Roon while doing upsampling in Sirius, or will I be stuck with upsampling in Roon? The fact that Sirius will sit downstream from Aries in the signal path might make the difference.
I’d be interested in anyone’s views on this whether agreeing or refuting.

Can you do a screenshot of your processor menu ? Do you use hdmi wire lightning link from your Aries to Vega ?

Sirius can do resampling without doing it by roon for sure. Roon will do bit perfect (I mean no resampling, only the original stream format), the Aries send the untouched stream to the Sirius and it will resample and send the signal to your DAC. With this you can use a smaller computer for roon server because you offload the resampling operations to the Sirius.

You can upsampling inside Roon and send the signal to ARIES. I dont think it sound good enough.

This is what I’m doing. It is the only upsampling option available to me until Sirius comes.
I think it sounds better than when I turn off upsampling in Roon.

Hi @deuch
I have since got a reply from Support. It seems that if Aries is linked to Vega via Lightning Link, access to the upsampling section of Aries’ Processor is denied. Evidently, Auralic has optimised the combined Aries+Vega operation and fear users will mess this up if given the opportunity to upsample in Aries. I am not sure whether this means Aries+Vega will perform upsampling but only when it calculates there is an SQ advantage or otherwise leave the signal as is. Because I have Leo, I can see the sampling rate of the signal going to Vega. Before I activated upsampling in Roon (and therefore was unknowingly running “optimised” Aries+Vega), I occasionally saw a music track playing at an unexpected sampling rate. But it did not happen often. But perhaps I should not speculate; I was totally wrong before.
Oh, and the reason I am seeing the Parametric Equaliser menu in the Aries’ Processor (despite no mention of this functionality in the Aries manual) is simply because this function was introduced to Aries subsequent to printing the manual. Egg on my face.

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