Upgrade G1: Synergetic Research fuse Orange


The upgrade of the mains fuse has big impact!!! Bigger effect as internal upsampling stories and cables, which I all tryed. I can 1000 % support this product. Put it different: a shame that it is not by default in! :slight_smile:

@Auralic: I discovered that lowest pole of 230 V connector on back is hot, should be phase … agree???

BR Gerard

I put a Synergistic Research Orange fuse in my Aries G1. I wouldn’t call it a dramatic improvement but I would certainly say it was noticeable. Recommended.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but where did you place this fuse exactly? In the component itself or the power cable?

The SR Orange is one of the more expensive ones… anyone with experience of the cheaper ‘audiophile’ fuses in G1 or G2? Here in the UK I see Bussmann, Furutech and Hifi Tuning ones for very reasonable prices. If the SR ones are indeed better, how much better?

The Aries G1 has a fuse holder located between the power switch on the rear of the unit and the inlet for the power cable.

Just curious if you are Jack Aiello from the Bay Area and Multiple Myeloma monthly support coordinator?

Nope. I am John from New Jersey.

Thx for the reply none the less