Uninterruptible Power Supply Needed for Aries G2?

Hello members, first post here. I have a new Aries G2 arriving tomorrow and wanted to know how the Aries G2 behaves if there is a power interruption. Can the unit be plugged directly into a wall outlet or is it prudent to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)? I appreciate your input.

I guess it depends where you live. If the grid in your country is stable, an occasional power failure will do no harm to your G2. Of course if you live in an area where the grid is not so stable with disruptions and fluctuations it would be good to use an UPS.
Be aware that almost all UPS devices are developed for computer/network support. So you can imagine that clean current has not been one of the design priorities.

A UPS makes no sense since the G2 doesn’t lose date when down.
Be aware that a UPS generates a lot of noise on the line.
A PS Audio Power Plant would be a good buy.

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OK, thanks. I’m not hearing any issues with power interruptions, good to know. I plan to plug the Aries into my Brickwall power line filter/surge suppressor along with my DAC. The UPS will then only be used for network components and NAS.

You may brick the G2 if a power failure occurs during a firmware update. This is the only risk. For the date, it’s updated with a NTP service, so it’s done at every power up (and maybe after leaving the sleep mode too).

Then also try it without.
It’s your ears that should have the last word on the appliance or not of some parts.

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Even pure Sinc output UPS will generate a lot of noise into power supply…