Understanding the DS Equalizer

Is there a guide somewhere that describes the settings for the Lightning DS equalizer?
Can I save different equalizer settings and apply when I want, for instance can I save settings for each of my headphones and another for the RCA output to my amplifier and speakers?

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Hi, there:

There is not really guide. The operation manual on the right hand side of the control interface (or bottom if you are using cellphpone) has explained how to operate the interface pretty well but if you need more explanation on what is the center frequency, what is a Q value then you need to look at something about how to operate a parametric EQ. That will help you understand how this thing works.

For your question. about headphone or RCA output, you dont even mention what device you are using so that’s why no one can help you

What I am asking is can I have multiple EQ settings saved. For instance one EQ setting saved for each of my headphones and one for my loudspeakers played through my amp. Then recall the setting for the device I’m listening to.

I have a hard time making the EQ curve I want. I will do some more research on these term to understand better. Some simple sliders would have worked great for me. But I will figure it out. Playing with the EQ is minor. So far I love the sound I get out of my Altair G1

Unfortunately, you cannot save multiple EQ settings in our software.

The curve is only for demonstration and I suggest you should really not 100% rely it as it may not be accurate. My experience is the calculation should be done via frequency, gain and Q value, The Q value is a bit complicated to understand but as long as you have mastered it, it just works.

That would be a great update to the software in the future.
One single EQ setting will not work well for loudspeakers and two very different sounding headphones.
A single setting makes the EQ not very useful.
I may just turn it off and go with a flat EQ and adjust the sound for my loudspeakers in my receiver tone settings.
Headphones are a different matter. I would like to make some small adjustments to the sound of my headphones, but what works for one of my headphones will not work well for the other.

Is there a third-party DSP that will work with LDS? I’d like to be able to:

Apply multiple DSP corrections
Apply those corrections to individual channels only
Apply some corrections to both channels simultaneously

LDS only works with the compatible Auralic devices, so unfortunately you can’t modify individual channels. You’ll need a complete 3rd party solution for that aspect and manage outside of LDS.