Two systems with aries mini


I have aries mini and two systems. I’m using the device’s USB output with Dac&tube amplifier and also ı want to use line out other my system. I will change the output on lightining according to the system. is it possible, or any disadvantage for sound.

In the additional options of the Lightning Server there is stated that analog/ digital output and USB cannot be used simultaneously. The only option is “Aries outputs” which is fairly confusing. If one could connect both options with physical cables and choose from the menu which output is operational, this would solve your problem. This observed with firmware 5.8.
But generally I would question to connect digital accuracy to tube amplifiers unless streaming transport is what’s of sole interest. If so you may get rid of the additional/ external DAC in the chain.

Just to add to what Nuries said, the “Aries outputs” group includes the analog RCA, the digital coax S/PDIF and the digital optical outputs - they will all have signal simultaneously. If your external DAC has either coax or optical inputs then you can use one of those instead of the USB and not need to change outputs in the app, just mute/unmute your systems.

I do find an improvement in sound quality using external DACs compared to the Aries mini DAC but my mini does not have a linear power supply.