Top USB cable for G1/G2?

Any suggestions here ???
(pls no discussion that 1=1 and 0=0 , should not matter at all, etc)

What is Auralic using as reference cable???

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I have the Aries G1 and I use the Curious Cables USB cable. Works great and sounds great too. I have tried one from Ghent that is supposed to be highly regarded (and it’s only $30) but the Curious Cable easily beat it out for musicality.

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I use this one between ARIES G1 and Mytek Brooklyn DAC

1877PHONO THE MAJESTIC USB Câble USB-A / USB-B Cuivre OCC Plaqué Or 24K 1.8m

Yes they have now an improved Curious 1 also …

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I use an old Audioquest Coffe (with the DBS 72V system) mostly, but i’d be hard pressed to tell i can hear any significant differences. The other ones are my 60cm Supra or the medical grade USB cables i rescued from the surplus bin at work.

However, i have recently ordered a few USB cables from China via eBay and i intend to try them all out. Some differences might be identified?

I use this USB cable between Aries G1 and DAC, before the Mercury3.0 from iFi Audio. And just for curiosity want to try the Curious USB cable.

Hello Genna,
I think it is worth to know the Australian CURIOUS USB Cable, it works clearly and directly.
A nice sunday wishes Rainer


I use Audience Front Row

I have an Aries G1 and use a Tellurium USB cable to the Chord Qutest DAC, absolutely stunning sound!

1.5 meter WW platinum starlight!

I use an Oyaide Neo Class S for direct plugin from Aries to Kii three. A bargain.

Any results yet ?

i’ve just switched from a dedicated and high spec’d dual-PC audio only setup for an Aries G2. It was fun experimenting to see how PC’s can deliver good sound quality but I am thrilled with the G2 and it’s ease of use.

I have experimented with a range of USB cables (cheap/Atlas/Wireworld Starlight 8 etc) with the PC’s and now the G2. The best I found in both setups has been a JCAT Reference USB cable with a split signal and power lead.

I have been experimenting with the 5V power supplied by an IPHONE charger and this worked well. However, I then realised I could use the 5V output from one of the linear PSU’s I was using with the PC’s. I patched up a lead from a USB extension cable with a power lead that came with the LPSU.

I have a Berkeley Alpha USB converter and Berkeley Reference DAC which is very revealing. The standard USB cable that came with the G2 sounded absolutely fine initially but the JCAT cable and LPSU 5V feed has made the system open up even further, more ‘texture’ to instruments and fantastic dynamics!

The G2 with any USB cable sounds great but my experience is that it’s worth experimenting.

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In fact your results show that it’s the 5V coming from an external PSU that helps and maybe not the cable itself ? :grinning:

A good test will be to test the ifi idefender 3.0 that let you separate power and data too vs the jcat :slight_smile: 500€ vs 50€ :slight_smile:

Hi Deuch, I think you may be right that the ‘clean’ 5V might be more significant than the cable. To be quite honest though I have had enough playing around with stuff when I was using the 2 PC’s.

The G2 is great and I am just happy listening to new things in my library and on Qobuz hires.

I use the Audience Audio, Front Row, which also divides the power and signal.

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Nice Ricky! What are you using to supply the 5V power?

Audience makes it as a separate cable with dual USB or separate but joined at both ends, I use the later.

I use the same Audience cable, changed from a Audioquest Coffee
I found he vocals to be slightly cleaner.

I use Siltech Classic Anniversary USB, for my ears after burn-in the sound is clear balanced and not colored (I prefer this). Compared to optical I might fail the blind test but the difference is a very slight (more quietness effect) and (low frequency roundness) with that compared there is a general feel of being more musical, then compared to cheap USB the sound of optical is much clearer and quiet.