Tool releases catalog

Tool has finally agreed to release their entire catalog to all streaming services, but more importantly to Tidal!
TOOL all day, neighbors are not going to like me today…

August 30th for new album as well!

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Lovely news! :smiley:
And the albums are already available in HighRez on Qobuz! Lovely!

So now that the bitrate is not showing within the Auralic app, does that mean it’s not in hi-res from the Tidal app?

I wouldn’t know, i dont use Tidal a.t.m… Sorry!

Bitrate is a problem of TIDAL server encoding stream, it appear on some server but not the other. We are waiting till the server in our area is having same issue so we can reproduce the problem then see if we can make any change from our side.

The 0bps issue also make it impossible to seek in a track.

Don’t see how they are Hi Res in Qobuz (just like the 96/24 files from HD Tracks) as Maynard has not remastered any of the albums. Must be upsampled.