Tidal suggestion

First Mr. Xuanqian congratulations on a very fine product, I’m a new and proud owner of an Aries G1.
The one thing that I wish LDS would do is to also allow access to the Tidals “Mixes For You”
playlist that is available on the computer UI.
It’s one of my favorite ways of discovering and enjoying music since Tidal has already put together this playlist based on my searches and listening. It was a little disappointing when I did not see it in LDS. This would make the LDS a complete integration of Tidal since you not not feel that you are losing a feature when going from computer to Aries as your streaming device. Hopefully you will consider this suggestion.

Thank you


+1 !

I do not know if TIDAL provide an API for this feature to the third party client …
Maybe it’s why some vendor do not provide this features in their own control application ?
Does it exist in other vendor software that let you use Tidal in it ?

Deuch you’re probably correct one this, it would be my guess also. I’ve only used Tidal on my laptop previous to this so I can’t compare. From my perspective it would be beneficial for both companies involved. On thing I do remember is that it took several weeks for this to appear on my Tidal account, at first I thought they didn’t have the feature so I wonder if it’s a recent add on or it just takes a while to generate.


We are working on some other small features at right moment, after that we will add that one to the Lightning. It has already been added to the list. We firstly need to verify with TIDAL with the API and do integration.


Thank you Xuanqian for your reply, it’s my first time using Lightning DS and I was impressed. Just for your information It crashed two times yesterday on my iPad however the music was not interrupted everything ok after that. I’m not complaining this is just so you have this information. Thank you and keep up the good work.

It will be a good feature because those mixes are very pertinent generally.

Actually I prefer the continue playing when music stops feature. The algorithm is influenced by what was playing previously and suggests and plays tracks accordingly.