Tidal offer of HiFi for £1.99 per month

Just signed up for 4 months Tidal HiFi at £1.99 per month.

The streaming wars is hotting up. :grinning:

Because of your message I opened www.tidal.com from my German location. They advised me to start a free trial (30 days masters or 60 days HiFi). Nowhere a clue how much the fee when the trial ends, I clicked every link, nothing, nada. This company is dubious.

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And i left Tidal some 6 months ago, got a Black Friday offer to rejoin, 4 months for the pricely sum of 18 SEK, about €1.50…
Are they ramping up some “paying subscriber numbers” to show investors, or what? :slight_smile:
Of course i swallowed the bait! (I also just bought Qobuz Sublime+ at £299 for a year, so im all set for now! :smiley: )

That is the actual Tidal site. Not sure how long the trial is but aftwards you will have to choose between $10 and $20 per month.

This offer comes over the mail. I think it is to get previous subscribers back, maybe to boost numbers.
The offer is HiFI subscription which is only CD quality, not for the Masters subscription.
So for me not very interesting


HiFi is ONLY CD quality? I believe that is the standard red book quality. By the way the Hifi subscription includes Masters… the other option is Premium which is ONLY low standard quality

I assume your response was directed towards my post? :slight_smile:
I actually was a bit confused when going in, as the wording “Standard” was used, but also a list of content was displayed, Masters among these.
However, the subscription is definently the “full version” when looking through Roon and the Signal Path.

I am sorry You are right! My error…
I restored the mail and took the subscription offer.

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Look here:

I did it !
Merry Christmas

Thanks, Michael. However I have found that I personally am obviously not adapted for streaming services of any kind. The other day I have subscribed for a 90 day (free) amazon music offer. But it seems I don’t ever make use of it. So I think I can save the costs for a Tidal subscription. :upside_down_face:

Thanks again and merry Christmas to you!


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