Tidal Masters with Apple iPad


Now that Tidal Masters is available on Apple IOS are there any changes that need to be made to Settings on my Auralic Altair? I have downloaded the app and set up my iPad and all seems to work fine but needed to check so as to get the best from the Masters upgrade.


Not sure what the Tidal app on iOS has to do with the Altair?


…using Lightning DS


Streaming MQA with your altair and TIDAL is not related to iOS … you can do it for many months …

You have to go to altair setup and check that the MQA decoder is enable for TIDAL.
But it’s not a true mqa decoder.



Deuch, Thanks for your helpful response. Have checked as suggested and settings all OK.
Many thanks


Yes, deuch is correct. The ability to unfold MQA now for Tidal Masters files on iOS is totally separate from the Altair. Just like a short time ago, Tidal released a new version of their app for Android which allowed android phone and tablet users to play MQA files and access the first unfold up to 24/96. Of course, the DAC in the Altair can play much higher resolutions than 24/96, including DSD files.


Thanks for your reply.
My Altair is showing that MQA files are being used for the music download however after testing the same track using both Flac and MQA I am unable to hear any difference in music quality. Is this surprising or is it what should be expected? Tidal Masters is intended to give the best quality reproduction but so far I have been disappointed. As Redbeemer pointed out the Altair Dac is capable of much higher resolutions.


Tidal Masters are advertised as giving the best quality.


That’s a bit strange as I can certainly hear a difference, although it varies from one recording to another. If you are using the Lightning DS app on your iPhone or iPad, does it show the higher resolution of the unfolded file? If it is showing 32/44.1, then your settings are not correct. Also, your Tidal account must be set to play Master files as this is not automatic. Do you have any of your own high-res files that you can play with the Altair to see if they sound better than CD quality? I would do some checking first to make sure everything is set up properly before dismissing the Masters files on Tidal.


Thanks for your help Redbeemer
I will follow your advice and do some more checking.
“Although it varies from one recording to another” -so will try several recordings as I may not have been using the best example.
Will let you know.