Tidal+lumin or kazoo

Just for making a test I installed LUMÏN application on my HTC smartphone. Well it has taken quite a long time to charge all the albums from LIGHTNINGSERVER to the music library. Then I have chosen the LUMÏN for the music playback. I choose an album and the ARIES G1 began to play (the choosen album is an MQA file and the DAC indicates the blue MQA sign).
I don’t understand why it doesn’t work in your configuration.

The picture below is from my iPad but on the HTC smartphone it’s exactly the same

LINNKAZOO installed on the HTC smartphone also and OK it’s playing fine…

It is very convenient because I can stay on the Auralic Community with my iPad and use the smartphone as remote for listening music…

@MERIDIAN change for Qobuz and leave Tidal…

I will do to Qobuz when I finish my free account :wink:

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Any news about this bug?. Do you need more information?



We can not really reproduce the problem here but as I think we will look at it sometime by 2nd half of May. Yes, we do need more information, I am not sure if it is username or password relating, like a special character that has caused problem.

Thanks, my name and user has numbers and letters and @.

When you can look at the problem, if you need anything from me, you tell me about it. Greetings.

Username with @ should fine as our testing account username is also an email account. Any other special letter in password?

No. is 6 numbers. (this is my user and pasword in Tidal) In my Auralic my user is with letters (without @) and 6 numbers. (the same numbers in tidal). But i Changed the Tidal Password (letters+numbers) the bug still.

Hi, is there any progress toward fixing this bug? I received my Aries G2 recently and I cannot play Tidal on it using Linn Kazoo v4.13.58 (OSX v10.13.6). Thanks.

Welcome bootzilla, glad you got your G2. I read your posts on PSA forum.
Hope you get your issue sorted. I use Roon, without issue.

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Hi Kyle, thanks very much, your posts on the PS Audio Forum helped convince me to buy an Aries G2. I am very happy and impressed with it. I am not a Roon user, and I am looking for a way to control Tidal on the G2 from my MacBook Pro. Kazoo does not work due to the bug described in this thread, and I have yet to figure out how to access the Lightning web interface.

Perhaps, try asking Xuanqian, he seems to be very helpful. Good luck!

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I wonder if this only applies to the G2 because I use Kazoo on an iPad and iMac, Lumin on an iPad, to stream Tidal all the time on a G1?

I don’t know, as some posts in this thread are from Aries G1 owners. I just tried Kazoo on my iPad and same problem, I cannot stream Tidal to my Aries G2 (by contrast, Qobuz works fine).

We are still trying to locate this problem now, it is a super weird problem.

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In case it helps, I have the same problem with kazoo app and my ultrarendu streamer (Macintosh DAC). It will find my ultrarendu, pull up tidal and can search music but it will not play (even after seeing the “tracks added to DS” bar. Sometimes, after I reboot my ultra several times and reboot my ipad several times I can get it to work, but not often. Problem must lie in the ability for Kazoo to talk to Tidal IMHO. Glitchy to say the least.

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FWIW, I can stream Tidal via my Melco N1ZH60/1 using the Kazoo app for OSX. The same Kazoo app will not stream Tidal when driving the Aries G2.

Other than Roon, is there a way to stream Tidal to an Aries G2 using an OSX Mac? I can use Lightning DS when I am on my iPad, but given the choice I would rather use my MacBook Pro. Thanks.

My Aries can be fully controlled by Linn Kazoo on my MacBook Pro 2017. I believe your situation should be the same?

I cannot stream Tidal to my Aries G2 using Linn Kazoo, the Lumin app or the Lumin-derivative apps (Esoteric and TEAC). By contrast, Qobuz works fine.

Silly question time but I have to ask it to fully fault check I guess :wink:
Is the Linn Kazoo App actually Logged into your Tidal Account on the Mac your using?
As before I bought x2 Aries Streamers I had a Linn DSM for yrs so I’m quite familiar with Linn Kazoo.
On my Aries’ I can use the Kazoo App from an iPhone, iPad or Macbook & it’ll play stuff from my Tidal acc with no problems here’s friend :wink:
Other than the above suggestion all I can think of is maybe your MacOS install of Linn Kazoo is corrupt or something? So worth a try to fully uninstall it & it’s settings then install it again… I can’t think of much else as IMHO the Linn Kazoo App should stream Tidal for you on all Apple devices including Macs Laptops or Desktops with Mac OS’s…
Sorry couldn’t be of more help :wink: