Tidal+lumin or kazoo

Today I downloaded the latest beta available for my Aries Femto. I try to play my Tidal account via Kazoo or Lumin and it does not work. I can only listen well with these applications to the music saved on my hard drive via USB. in Lumin APP crash to put my account and pasword. Finally i can do it. Kazoo have a good vision of all of my favourites Tidal but don´t run.

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I usually use LUMÏN and AssetUpnpServer to play the QOBUZ streams through my AURALIC ARIES G1.

Right now I have downloaded LINNKAZOO on my iPad. The application has found my AURALIC ARIES G1 as Room and I have no problem playing QOBUZ streams through the ARIES.

Some screenshots from LINNKAZOO application


Should work also with TIDAL but I ‘m not registered with TIDAL.

All my media servers in LINNKAZOO settings are active

Another screenshot from LINNKAZOO playing a QOBUZ stream

And a last one of my QOBUZ Favorite Albums

In my case I can find music in Tidal with Kazoo but I can’t play…and sometimes I must put again the user and password. With the app of auralic any problems

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When I want to listen music I take out of sleep my ARIES G1 and my DAC, my other devices stay always powered and when the dac and ARIES G1 are out of sleep I directly launch either LUMÏN or KAZOO and don’t even take a look at LDS.
When you have the TIDAL connecting screen in KAZOO is your streamer already detected or not see the top of the picture in my case ( Living Room AURALIC G1) ?

yes, i can see all of my music in Tidal.

And when i press play now, appears in a second your last picture, and finaly appears this shot

I have the same problem team mate Aries5to

Ok, Ok, very strange seems it’s trying to fetch the files but does not succeed
And if you try to select PLAY LATER and select the lines 123 at the very top right you should get this

And only then select the track or album you want to play ?

i can select all that i want, but don´t play. ?¿

I ask at Aries5to if have the solution, he reported the same problem…

Did you ever see this screen when selecting an album or any file, see the blue line ?


If you still not succeed in having it to play music may be I have an explanation why it works in my configuration.
Before I got my AURALIC streamer I was using a NAIM NDX streamer. And to make this NDX streamer work with LUMÏN and KAZOO for streaming Qobuz I had to make it Openhome. To get it Openhome ready it was necessary to install on my NAS two applications : JAVA and BubbleUpnpServer. Those two applications are still running on my NAS, may be it’s the reason why it’s working in my case ?

i don´t know. Curiosly another user the same Auralic Aries has been the same problem. I hope Mr Wang Xuanqian can help us.

I hope so, anyway if you instal on your NAS, JAVA and BubbleUpnpServer it won’t harm anything and at least you will be able to make LUMÏN and KAZOO play your music.
Speaking with some other people on an other forum I remember they told me that LUMIN and KAZOO before playing the music you choose do write the music files on your NAS and play them only afterwards.

Thank´s for your answer, but at the moment i don’t want put a NAS in my home.

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May be for you it is different because you are using LUMÏN and KAZOO on a smartphone and therefore it could be useful to install BubbleUpnp on your smartphone (do not install BubbleUpnpServer because it’s only for the NAS installation). I am using an iPad to operate LUMÏN and KAZOO and have no phone fonction on it only WiFi AirPlay and Bluetooth.

Will Lightning DS able to play TIDAL at the same time?

Yes. I can use Tidal in Lightning perfectly.

I have the both app open. Or only Lightning open

I can find all the music in Tidal, do the lists that I want. But when press play… Auralic don,t play the music.

With a new firmware 6.1 all everything remains the same. I still can not play Tidal via App Lumin or Kazoo. I’m so disappointed😟


I think there maybe a bug inside the integration of TIDAL/Qobuz support via OpenHome standard method. We would like to know more information about this problem in order to reproduce the problem and fix it.

Well, i have now a other problem…my Aries won,t start…always show a “aries staring”…and never end…

it´s very easy to reproduce the problem. If you have an Aries only try to use Tidal trought Lumin App, or Kazoo App and yo can see all the music of Tidal…and tyr to reproduce a song…a show what happen. Thank´s for try to help us and do anew features of your equipments