Tidal: after initial streaming, often endless buffering?

On Polaris, Tidal will stream eventually. But often it will fall silent for 10 maybe 15 mintues, to suddenly start playing again.
LDS shows “Buffering”…
What to address to fix this …?

Did you change the DNS configuration of your Auralic device ? Can you check the DNS server, it’s normally with latest firmware

Buffering usually is your internet connection. I would check to see what your download speeds are and how many devices you have connected to your router. You can also connect via ethernet to confirm how good or bad your connection is.

Not 10 or 15 minutes > 16 minutes…


Qobuz works fine with LDS. No buffering.

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Thank you Deuch, DNS I changed to, seems to give some improvement.
Connection seems ok: I measured 42 to 45 mbs through mobile. I assume the wired connection to the Polaris will be as good, or better. Will check with laptop later on…

Maasi, thank you for the link, missed that one. If necessary I will change the router DNS as well.
See what happens.

Change of DNS did not help.
Cancelled my Tidal subscription, going to Qobuz.

Dd you have the issue with tidal with the ios app or not ? Or only and specifically with the Altair ?

I have only iPhones and iPads to control LDS, playing on Polaris.
I don’t know what to blame. I am listening to an album, it is my understanding LDS will take over, iOS goes to sleep. LDS plays a few tracks, and at the end at some moment when loading the new track, the “buffering” occurs. Music stops. New track fails to load.
I assume iOS is not at play here, since iOS is sleeping while LDS is playing/responsible in calling the next track from Tidal.
I assume iOS is not streaming to the Polaris.

Did you install the official tidal app and try to use it without your auralic gear ? To check if it’s a internet connection issue (router, tidal issues, isp configuration etc …)

I didn’t feel the need… Our (cable-) internet is stable in our daily use. No problems whatsoever, having 3 or 4 users simultaneously watching video’s/gaming etc…
When I am back this weekend I will try the Tidal app on an iOS device, without Auralic in the chain.
See what happens.

My point is to check if it’s a Tidal issue, a Altair issue or other stuff. If tidal works perfectly with the official app on your computer or iPad/iPhone, it discards any Tidal issue or network (not for 100% sure but at least the problem is isolated to Altair).

But the network topology is important. For eg, if you are connected directed to your modem with your computer and use an another wifi router for the Altair, you have a difference in your network.

Regarding the network, Polaris is direct connected to the cable modem. CAT5 cable less then 2 meters.
Will check the official app when back.

in Tidal app on my iphone, there is no buffering issue …


I have suddenly the same issue with buffering on the Auralic Polaris using Tidal. It suddenly popped up 3 weeks ago.
Internet Performance is not a problem as I have fiber with 200 mb lines

I have also a Yamaha MusicCast on the same network using also Tidal without any buffering problems.

Also, using Tidal app there are no buffering problems.

Using DS lighting app for IPhone

Any suggestions?


Logout and disable Tidal within Lightning DS, then reactivate and login to your account again.
Does that make a difference?

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