Thank you for artwork option in 6.2

Love the option for artwork only now on the Aries G2!

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Thanks for posting this. I did not see anywhere that 6.2 came out. I looked at my Aries G1 just now and saw that I had already been updated to 6.2. Nice set up by the way. Really nice. I can just barely see a sub in the picture What are the speakers. Time to show off.

Haha…sorry about the tease…

Focal Sopra N*2 speakers, SVS SB13-Ultra subs, PS Audio BHK monoblocks and preamp, along with P15 Power Plant Regenerator.

Yes…I do love how Auralic seamlessly updates their gear over the network in the background. Every time I hit the admin portal I check the version just to be sure.



Thanks for text only view also !!! (which I personnaly prefer). Good work.

Me thinks you should clean your windows.
I’m not jealous at all. Not at all jealous you understand?
Now it’s time for my medication.

Indeed team Auralic. That option is a great gift.

I know I am being greedy but I think it would be nice to display the artwork when music is playing and then go dark when no music is playing. Not a big deal. I sit too far away to really see anything anyway.

Beautiful set up!!wow

Is artwork only available on the G2 as well. If so how does one make it happen??

You have new options under Additional Operations, Streamer, Appearance.

Thank you. I like that much better. I only play music from my personal (massive) library and know my bit rates. This Art work only is really nice.

The switching beetween display modes could be, and should be, made remotable.

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@orosie. Great set up! I have a question for some one who has both the G2 Aries and Vega. Do you have the Aries volume disabled and set to 100%? If so does the screen on the Vega show 100% volume? I assume you control the volume from the Vega via the knob or remote. Even though the display reads 100. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you.

Is this only in the ARIES? I have a VEGA G2 with 6.2 FW, but I don’t see this option anywhere in the system or streaming menu. No “Additional Operations” in the menus either.

Go into your streaming and scroll for how you want to view.

You mean you’ve never accessed “additional operations” in LDS?

I don’t see many if any real meaningful options within my lightning app…other than select library and refreshing it! What am I missing?? I do ZERO listening to radio services of any kind.

I prefer to access the available settings for my Aries via a web browser. Just input the IP address and there are lots of settings that can be tweaked that was. I never use LDS.

Thanks. I’ll stick with lightning…just asking what I was missing in the app if anything??